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Where to stay in Bangkok

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Close to center Bus Skytrain
Up and coming, Ari offers a quieter Bangkok experience that still comes with excellent food, picturesque cafes, quiet tree-lined streets, decent nightlife and good-value shopping. With several layers, ranging from upscale to hipster to working class, as well as a Skytrain station and the famous Chatuchak weekend market nearby, life here can be enjoyed by almost everyone.
Old Town
Close to center Bus Metro
The Grand Palace and Wat Pho, two of the city's main sights, are found in this walkable area along the Chao Phraya River. Traditional eateries, small local parks, simple markets, museums and monuments create a cultural and historical foundation, far different than the focus of other parts of Bangkok.
Central Bus Skytrain
This shopping-focused district has one huge shopping mall after another on its main roads. However, tucked into the small lanes are endless cinemas, bookstores, cafes, bars, music shops, massage salons and more. It's always busy, very safe and the location is ideal for reaching other parts of the city.
Central Bus Metro Skytrain
Very popular with foreigners, this lively area has everything from high-end restaurants to street food, massive nightclubs to calm cafes, busy avenues to quiet lanes. Also home to parks, galleries, famous red-light districts, shopping and everything else one can think of. Whatever your lifestyle, you can find it here. The Skytrain runs straight through, making it very easy to get around.
Central Bus Metro Skytrain
The main financial district, it's full of high rise buildings, international companies and during the day, a fast-paced business life. Everything one would expect - major restaurants, cafes, coworking spaces and shops - are found throughout. At night, street food and vendors fill the streets and lanes as the crowds flock to the bars, clubs and the famous Patpong red-light district.
Central Bus Metro
Somewhat chaotic, colorful, almost always crowded and full of markets, temples and delicious food of all kinds. It's the oldest neighborhood in the city and while it's not a hub of business or nightlife, the strong traditions, inexpensive housing and relatively convenient location make for an interesting home base.
Central Bus Skytrain
A centrally-located commercial and business hub with upscale living alongside street food, open-air markets, a pleasant riverside setting and nightlife that includes jazz bars, lounges and high-end nightclubs.
Central Bus Metro
To the north of the city center, Ratchada offers a modern and calm vibe that matches nicely with affordable housing, good cafes, inexpensive nightlife and convenient connections to the rest of Bangkok. Popular among locals and starting to catch on as a place to live for foreigners as well.
Close to center Bus
Home to the well-known Khao San Road backpacker mecca, the streets and lanes here are full of hotels, tourist shops, money exchange booths, food stalls, bars and cafes. On its edges though are quieter streets where a local way of life can still be seen. The area is close to the Grand Palace and other major attractions but not well-connected to the more modern sections of the city.