Bangkok Thailand ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ
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Interesting communities in Bangkok

With plenty of social gatherings being organized by the expat and remote worker groups below, attend a few events during your first week and you should quickly find like-minded people and a solid community to hang out with.
Bangkok Expats
An English language community and discussion group for everyone living in or interested in the Kingdom of Thailand..
Bangkok Digital Nomads
A positive place to better connect entrepreneurs, freelancers and those who work online in Thailand, and to help each other be successful.
Bangkok Young Expats Meetup
Where international young people meet, have a good time, search for professional inspirations, share their work and life experience or make a plan for even more adventure and fun during their stay in Bangkok
Bangkok Expat Social Drinks Club
A bunch of people who share a common love for a few after work drinks, reasonable chat and social and professional networking.
Bangkok New in Town
Bringing together like minded people of all ages at relatively quiet locations where you can meet each other and establish meaningful connections.
Wonder Women of Bangkok
For strong, independent women who are living in Bangkok and want to be part of a community that socializes, has adventures and supports each other.