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Latest tips about Bangkok

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It's on the small side but they have both indoor and outdoor seating along with plenty of plug outlets and some of the best coffee in the city!
By Trey P. for Artis Coffee cafe. Workspaces
A cafe that is pretty much designed for coworking with solid internet, a lot of plug outlets and a quiet atmosphere. The food is only okay but the coffee is good so it works for me!
By Trey P. for Storyline Cafe cafe. Workspaces
Large coworking space with a pretty good set up and all the amenities you would need. Could be a little friendlier and if you're only there for 1 day, you don't get a real desk to sit at.
By Ashwin N. for Launchpad Co. coworking space. Workspaces
Great, friendly cafe with plenty of people working on their laptops here. Good wifi, excellent coffee and just a very nice overall vibe. One of my favorite places to work in the city.
By Hanne C. for Luka Bangkok cafe. Workspaces
Most foreigners in Bangkok love the food. One of the best ways to meet other remote workers is to post in one of the FB groups that you want to try out a local restaurant you heard about and see who wants to join you. You'll almost always find people who want to join!
By Marcel C. Community
Before you rent an apartment, make sure you ask about the utilities. Have the owner explain exactly how it works or else you might be surprised with extra charges. It seems that electricity costs differ by building and the range can be quite large. You want to know how much extra you'll be paying before you sign anything.
By Haley V. Housing
There's a lot of shopping malls here so that might be a turn off but when it's 40C, it's not terrible to have these air-conditioned buildings to pop into. The malls are also full of cafes, some coworking spaces and other activities like the cinema. You can also find excellent food in the malls too.
By Marcia P. for Siam area. Where to live
Awesome food in this area, including Thai, Chinese and Indian. It's a very local area so not as modern or hip as other parts of the city. Great place to live if you want a quieter, local experience and cheaper apartments. Perfect for foodies!
By Anil T. for Chinatown area. Where to live
I thought it would be a good idea to live here amid the temples and near the Chao Phraya river but after one month I moved to another part of the city. It's just too quiet here and the location isn't that close to other neighborhoods where I wanted to spend my time.
By Adrian M. for Old Town area. Where to live
Some people find this area a little too crazy because of all the nightlife but there are some lanes (such as Soi 2, 4 and 22) that are very quiet and you won't even realize you're in a busy part of the city. I would just make sure you don't rent a place that's close to the main Sukhumvit Road. Even a five minute walk away down a quiet lane will make a big difference in terms of noise.
By Teo L. for Sukhumvit area. Where to live
This area is a more commercial/business center but it does make for easy living. I prefer living here because you can find great apartments (a little more expensive than other areas though), excellent coworking spaces, modern shops and restaurants and still be close enough to other parts of the city.
By Ashwin N. for Sathon area. Where to live
Small little neighborhood that could be described as 'up and coming'. You'll find quite a mix here, ranging from upscale apartments to hipster cafes to great local food and a laid-back vibe. I lived here for a few months and loved it as I was away from the more intense areas of Bangkok but still close enough with the Skytrain to get everywhere.
By Sung K. for Ari area. Where to live
Mostly the backpacker / budget traveler hangout area but it can be okay to live here for a short time if you're looking for cheap, simple accommodation and plenty of nightlife with other foreigners.
By Heidi G. for Banglamphu area. Where to live
Wherever you decide to live, make sure you are very close to the metro or Skytrain. This will make life much easier if you have that public transportation available to you. Otherwise, you'll end up stuck in traffic or walking in the heat which can get old quickly!
By Johan L. Where to live
Excellent homemade food can be picked up at markets all over the city. For just a couple of dollars you can grab some freshly made green curry, salad and rice to go and enjoy it back at your apartment. Much cheaper and easier than cooking yourself.
By Sean P. Food and drink