Berlin Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช
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Where to stay in Berlin

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Central Bus Metro Train
The busy heart of Berlin, with its own unique character. Historical sights, museums, elegant avenues and squares, shops and the central train station can all be found here. Cool cafes and restaurants, huge parks and endless sights to explore add to the atmosphere of the city's most central neighborhood.
Central Bus Metro
With an eclectic energy that is hard to match, this hipster hangout has room for people of all interests and budgets. With a significant Turkish community, students and artists living among street art, thrift shops, cafes, parks, food halls and nightlife galore, it's an ideal area for a truly diverse and lively experience.
Prenzlauer Berg
Central Bus Metro Train
Home to the largest inner-city forest and plenty of green space, with all kinds of events taking place throughout the neighborhood. Life here can be as lively or as quiet as one desires, with young professionals mingling with families on the streets. A Sunday flea market, a good collection of restaurants, welcoming cafes and solid nightlife options round out the home-like feel.
Central Bus Metro Train
With a rich history and oozing with style, the beautiful buildings, upscale shops and leafy streets lead to a more relaxed and elegant lifestyle in this desirable area. Impressive homes and villas mix in with modern architecture, museums and galleries, the Charlottenburg Palace and an ideal offering of traditional German food, Asian restaurants and local bars.
Central Bus Metro Train
Popular and alternative, home to markets, exhibition spaces, quaint cafes, a wide range of great restaurants, all kinds of nightlife and a diverse community. Once part of East Berlin, Soviet-style buildings mix with cool shops and pleasant parks, and the riverside is ideal for long walks. People on all budgets can find a comfortable life here.
Close to center Bus Metro Train
Where old meets new in a bustling, multicultural and charming neighborhood on the outskirts of the city center. The food is a major draw with restaurants, bakeries, snack bars, local markets and street food representing every corner of the world imaginable. WIth a young crowd moving in, thrift shops, funky bars and great cafes fill the streets, among a mix of family homes and high-rise buildings.
Central Bus Metro Train
Known for lower rents, inexpensive food and a more low-key vibe. It has plenty of parks, cafes, bars and markets and a multicultural population looking for a quieter lifestyle. Mostly residential, this area has maintained its authenticity and small town, working class feel. Located within the Mitte district to the north-west of the city center, its well connected to all other areas of Berlin.
Central Bus Metro Train
A residential area consisting of 150 year-old homes, inviting cafes and unique shops, this is the traditional center of Berlin's gay community. Museums and galleries are opening up, the impressive KaDeWe food hall is here and a huge park provides ample opportunities to be outside among nature.