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The East Side Gallery is a section of the Berlin Wall (1316 meters long) covered in colorful murals,ย making it an outdoor art gallery and a great place to wander around when you need a break from work.
By Karen W. Places to visit
Public transport takes you everywhere in Berlin. The network is very extensive and they usually depart every 5-10 minutes (depending on the time of the day).
By Kevin W. Transportation
Keep in mind that many places in Berlin donโ€™t accept payments with debit or credit cards. Cash only at many businesses!
By Mark A. Costs
Ahoy! Berlin has been one of the top coworking spaces in Berlin since 2012. Another great option is Betahaus Berlin. The founders there decided they wanted to create a big workshop space where people could do all types of work, including things like fixing bikes, so it offers a unique atmosphere.
By Razvan R. Workspaces
Hallesches Haus is located in Kreuzberg and is very popular for freelancers. Itโ€™s basically a general store, lunchroom and event space in one location. You can pretty much sit, work and eat here all day. But on busy days, laptops are forbidden between 12 and 3 pm to make room for lunch guests, which is fair enough.
By Razvan R. Workspaces
Some of the most popular coworking cafes in Berlin are: The Digital Eatery which is located at the ground floor of Microsoft Berlin, hence many visitors come to this place. There are free workshops, WIFI, electrical outlets, technical support, and you get to test the newest tech stuff, e.g. HoloLens. Great concept! You find food options like salads, sandwiches, or cakes. Another laptop-friendly place in Berlin is Aprilkind, located in Friedrichshain. You get free WIFI, a cozy atmosphere, delicious breakfast and many other food options, good coffee, and reasonable prices.
By Lucy G. Workspaces
Mitte District is a rather posh area with many cafes, restaurants, and shops. It is more or less the center of Berlin and it's right next to Berlin's biggest park.ย Prenzlauerberg is close to Mitte District, but it is quieter. If you're looking for a place with plenty of cool bars and ethnic restaurants, Friedrichshain District is for you. Itโ€™s a more laid-back area with not too many tourists but still centrally.
By Stella G. Where to live
Go for a drink at Teufelsberg. The site is a former US spy station built during the Cold War to listen to the Soviet-controlled Eastern Bloc. Although itโ€™s a wonderful place to wander โ€“ thereโ€™s even a rather quirky biergarten up there โ€“ a guided tour is undoubtedly the best way to learn about the siteโ€™s darkly fascinating history.
By Stella G. Places to visit
If you want to feel like royalty,ย attend to a concert or a special event at the Charlottenburg Palace.
By Andreas O. Places to visit
Berlin has dozens (if not hundreds) of museums. We have the Natural History Museum, The DDR Museum gives visitors a glimpse into Cold War-era life in East Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie Museum (Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie) it was the best-known crossing point between East and West Berlin), The Jewish Museum Berlin, and many more!ย 
By Caroline P. Places to visit
Berlin has dozens (if not hundreds) of museums. We have the Natural History Museum, The DDR Museum gives visitors a glimpse into Cold War-era life in East Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie Museum (Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie) it was the best-known crossing point between East and West Berlin), The Jewish Museum Berlin, and many more!ย 
By Caroline P. Places to visit
During summertime, you can go to the airport-turned-public-park called Tempelhof to grill bratwurst sausages on the grillplatz (barbecue area). It's a very cool experience!
By Caroline P. Places to visit
Take a free walking tour in Berlin. There are several companies that offer them and it's always an easy way to get comfortable with the city when you arrive here.
By Martin L. Places to visit
Visitors looking for a fun day trip should venture into the Spreewald, a lowland area unique both in landscape and culture that lies 100 kilometers southeast of Berlin and is notable for its sandy flats and dunes crossed by numerous waterways known as the Fliessen.
By Martin L. Places to visit
If you are staying for a while and want to buy a bike, there are 2 bike flea markets every month in Berlin. One in Moabit and the other one in Kreuzberg. You can buy a 2nd hand bike at either for a great price.
By Martin L. Transportation
If you're in the mood to party, you can go to any of these districts to find a great club: Mitte, Kreuzberg, and Friedrichshain. They are also notorious for a very strict door policy though. So be prepared for being denied. Some of the most popular clubs are: Berghain (Techno music), Tresor, and Hafenbar.
By Benny F. Food and drink
Mustafaโ€™s Kebap: Legend has it that the (Turkish) Dรถner Kebap was invented in Berlin. People line up here day and night to eat their kebap.
By Danica R. Food and drink
A great place to eat is Markthalle Neun. It's a very popular market hall located in Kreuzberg with many different food vendors and shops. Get delicious food, great wine and enjoy occasional community events.
By Danica R. Food and drink
Centrally located with a few meters from Checkpoint Charlie, Westberlin is an ideal place to spend a few hours to get work done. They have a fast and stable internet connection, a large shared table with lots of plugs. The place gets busy in the afternoons and they limit the tables for laptop usage. I recommend going early (before 11am) to get a spot at the large table. One of the few places in Berlin where you can get an Aeropress coffee but the price is 4 Euros which is not cheap. Their cheesecake is also great ๐Ÿ‘Œ
By Alex D. for Westberlin cafe. Workspaces
One of Berlinโ€™s most well-known and vibrant neighborhoods. Thriving international community and home to the majority of the Turkish population in Berlin (you will get the best Turkish food outside Turkey here). Lots of hipster cafes, bars, street art. Good transportation. Due to the increasing demand, it's not very easy to find long-term housing here, and the rents have skyrocketed last couple years.
By Alex D. for Kreuzberg area. Where to live
LimeBike and Jump will be important while in Berlin. They both offer electric bikes that can be found all over the city and it's a great, inexpensive option for getting around. I prefer to hop on one of these bikes instead of taking the metro as I don't need to worry about working up a sweat en route to my destination.
By Derek B. Transportation
My favorite area of Berlin to live in! The rent is quite affordable compared to 'cooler' neighborhoods and you can find endless cheap eats, cheap drinks and a ton of free activities such as strolling around the street markets and parks. It's relatively easy to get all over the city from here as well, making it an ideal base for those looking to save a little money.
By Derek B. for Wedding area. Where to live
Typical hipster-style, minimalist cafe with great pastries and cake and very good wifi. Definitely a good option for getting some work done. Friendly staff too and they have a restroom for customers (not all cafes in Berlin have one!).
By Derek B. for KaffeeMitte cafe. Workspaces
First floor is coffee shop, second floor is the coworking space. One of the first coworking spaces in Berlin. They close late, which is hard to find in Berlin. Their fresh mint tea is great. Internet is always stable. It gets busy in the weekends.
By Eric M. for St. Oberholz coworking space. Workspaces