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Latest tips about Bogota

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Play Tejo, Colombia’s national sport. It involves throwing discs at targets that explode. You can try your hand at Club de Tejo la 76 in Barrios Unidos or Campo de Tejo Los Búcaros in Santa Fe.
By Michael L. General
Most Bogotanos use the mountains as a reference point, which is why most maps of the city have east at the top instead of north. It’s also why in Bogotá, subir (“go up”) means “going east” and bajar (“go down”) means “going west.”
By Michael L. General
If you’re a meat lover, Andres Carne de Res (also known as Andres DC) is an institution in Bogotá. The carne de trapero is their signature steak.
By Martin G. Food and drink
Visit nearby towns for adventure sports and a breath of fresh air. Take the tourist train to the salt mines. Take a day trip to Guatavita. It is a small town near Guatavita Lake that offers idyllic views of casitas.
By Lee B. Places to visit
Rent or buy a bike. Every Sunday, from 7am to 2pm, 75+ miles of Bogota's roads are turned over to the Ciclovia (cycleway) and as many as 1.5 million locals come out to bike or ride.
By Lee B. Transportation
Amor Perfecto is my favorite place to get a coffee and just read, write or work.
By Anil M. Workspaces
If you like upscale restaurants go to Usaquén. is really beautiful! Chapinero is one of Bogotá’s nicest neighborhoods. It feels like a college town. It’s safe to walk around, and there are some cool restaurants, bars, and cafes. Visiting the church atop Monserrate Hill is totally worth it. It's an amazing workout and you will have the best view of the city. On your way down visit la Quinta de San Pedro.
By Anil M. Where to live
If you take an Uber, make sure you sit in the front. It's basically required. Although Uber is active in Bogota, it operates in a legal grey area, so be discrete -- I know you mentioned Uber already, but I don't think you mentioned to sit in the front.
By Matthew R. Transportation
Bogotá is above the “soroche” (altitude sickness) line. Some people hardly feel it, but others may feel dizzy, tired, and short of breath. Some local remedies that can help are black coffee and aguapanela (unprocessed brown sugar melted into boiled water).
By Jessica A. General
If you’re a beer lover, you must go to Bogotá Beer Company. They were the pioneers in bringing craft beer to Colombia.
By Jessica A. Food and drink
If you’re looking for some fun, go to Salitre Mágico Amusement Park with your friends. It’s a great way to spend the day.
By Jessica A. Places to visit
Simon Bolivar Park has free concerts sometimes. Nice place to be on weekends.
By Jessica A. Places to visit