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Latest tips about Bucharest

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My Romanian friends would always tell me they wouldn't hesitate to walk around at night through any of the neighborhoods in the city center. I never had any problems with safety and nobody I knew had any problems either. It always felt very safe to me. I'd say the only issue was drunk, homeless people that would sometimes approach us in the Old Town and start yelling stuff before walking away. But that happens in most cities.
By Mia L. Safety
The Starbucks in Piaza Unirii, at the south end of the Old Town is one of the best places to work in the city. It has multiple levels, long tables, small tables, sofas, big arm chairs and an outdoor terrace. It's basically set up like a coworking space and there are always people there on their laptops. If you're not shy, it's an easy spot to meet Romanians too. Just say hello to those around you!
By Glenn B. Workspaces
If you want a cool local hangout with wonderful food, go to Energiea. It's a five minute walk from the Old Town and is usually full of young Romanians. The menu is full of great items and the quality is excellent for the price. It was my favorite restaurant in the city during my 3 month stay.
By Kris O. Food and drink
If you want to splurge, you can buy a day pass at Orhideea Spa. It costs around 200 lei and you can use the large pool, saunas, jet bath and hamman. They also offer good deals on massages from time to time. Check their website and see what they have available. Their massages are excellent.
By Kris O. Places to visit
If you get a local SIM card, go to one of the main Vodafone shops in the city. Tell them you want a prepaid SIM card with Oferta 7. This costs 7 EUR (they charge you the equivalent in Romanian lei) and it usually includes 5 or more GB of data, 100 minutes of calls to other countries and plenty of free calls/texts within Romania. With the very fast speed of Romanian internet, it's a great deal.
By Trevor F. General
If you need to unwind from the noise and crowds of city life, head to either Cismigiu Park (located in the center) or Herastrau Park (a huge green space/park north of the city). Both of these are perfect for just surrounding yourself by nature and enjoying some peaceful time. There are cafes in both parks as well.
By Florin M. Places to visit
Between the metro, trams and bus, you can get anywhere in this city. But taxis are also quite cheap, as is Uber. The main reason I would use the metro more often than Uber is because traffic in this city can get really bad. I don't use the trams often but it's a cool experience to get one and ride it to the end of the line, just to get a view of other parts of the city.
By Camilla I. Transportation
During the warmer months when the students are not around, this cafe is rarely busy. It has excellent coffee and light dishes and several different rooms and table options. They don't mind if you spend a few hours working here and the drinks are cheap enough that I would order something every hour or so just to make it worthwhile for them. Great wifi and they have plug outlets.
By Miles A. for Tucano Coffee cafe. Workspaces
This might be one of the best hidden gems for getting work done. Go all the way to the top floor and there is a cafe. It's usually very quiet but has reliable wifi, good food and drinks (especially the fresh lemonade) and the view all the way down to the bottom floor of this beautiful building is quite nice too.
By Brett O. for Carturesti Carusel cafe. Workspaces
I lived in this area for 3 months and wouldn't live anywhere else. It's in the center but a short distance away from the Old Town which is simply too crowded and loud at night. The rents are quite cheap here, there's a metro station, bus stops and if you want, you can just walk to anywhere else in the city center. Plenty of cafes and restaurants around too.
By Miles A. for Piata Romana area. Where to live
The go-to place for many remote workers. It's just a comfortable cafe that doesn't mind people working on their laptops. If it's crowded, it can get a little noisy but when it's not busy (early morning, mid-afternoon), it's ideal.
By Denise D. for M60 cafe. Workspaces
Bucharest is probably the easiest place for foreigners to meet locals that I've ever been to. Local people are super friendly, especially when you meet them at cafes, bars or at an event/meetup. Attend several meetups when you arrive and you should quickly feel part of a community. It's one of my favorite aspects of this city that meeting people is so easy.
By Sherry B. Community
If you take Uber from the airport, keep in mind that they pick you up in the parking garage across the street from the arrivals hall. You need to find your driver in there somewhere. It's a bit confusing as they could be on the first second or floor. Best to text the driver and ask exactly where they are waiting.
By Felipe R. Transportation