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Latest tips about Budapest

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For accommodation, Budapest offers many interesting options depending on your personality. - Belváros-Lipótváros is the best area to stay in Budapest for sight-seeing. - Terézváros is the best area to stay in Budapest for a hit of culture. - Erzsébetváros (The Jewish Quarter) is the best area to stay in if you want to party all night. - Józsefváros is the best area to stay in Budapest for channeling your inner hipster. - Újlipótváros is the best area to stay in Budapest for relaxing with locals.
By Michael P. Where to live
One of my favorite cafes to work at is Magvető Café and a lot of people come here to get some work done. They have theatre-like seatings (besides the regular tables) making things cozier. Massolit Books & Café is a Jewish bookshop cafe, ideal to concentrate. Madal Café near Szabadság Square is a real laptop-friendly place. It’s a favorite hangout of digital nomads and was elected as serving one of the best specialty coffees in the world, according to Lonely Planet’s “Global Coffee Tour”.
By Michael P. Workspaces
If you're looking for some great coworking spaces in Budapest, my top options are: Kaptar - It is a great place to work where you will find locals and international guests. Urban Lobby is a hybrid solution to CoWorkers. Half airport lounge, half hipster cafe. Finally, Impact Hub is a global network of CoWorking spaces with 101 hubs all around the world.
By Eva F. Workspaces
If you like sports, you can go rowing to the Danube. It's one of my favorite exercise options in the city. Head to the Danubius National Rowing Club and you can get all set up.
By Isaac H. General
Budapest is a safe city, especially for foreigners. Travelers just need to avoid areas that are risky for walking alone at night such as the outer part of district s VII, VIII, and IX. As a general rule of thumb avoid poorly lit streets and underpasses. Keep in mind that drink spiking in the strip clubs and overpricing normal goods are common scams in Budapest.
By Isaac H. Safety
For local food, I suggest you try Goulash (gulyás) at Budapest Bisztró. It is one of the most famous dishes in Hungary. It is somewhere between a soup and stew, with beef (occasionally veal or pork), carrot, potato, spices and the typical paprika. If you're looking for a sweet option try Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake) sold in stalls all over town. Another interesting Hungarian dish is Gyümölcsleves (Cold Fruit Soup), you can find it in Kispiac Bisztro. Hungarians favorite dish is lángos: a deep-fried flat bread, which can be found at Lángos Flórián Square.
By Dominick S. Food and drink
Take a free Budapest walking tour in order to get oriented with the city. There are several options online. Just make sure you tip them at the end. Budapest is so rich in history that the information that the tour guide will provide will be totally worth it.
By Andre R. Places to visit
Budapest is walkable and bikeable, so it is quite easy to move around. If you're tired, you can also use the tramline or the subway. They are very easy to use. Overall, this city is not difficult to get around at all.
By Kristina K. Transportation
On Sundays, the Szimpla Farmers Market is a great place to pick some fresh fruits and vegetables, ham, cheese or snacks. You can just come here and enjoy the environment as it is located inside Budapest's most famous bar. Another local market that is worth visiting is Downtown Market (Belvárosi Piac in Hungarian).
By Kristina K. Food and drink
If you need to exchange cash into local money, the best place to exchange it is at the local banks. I would avoid using money exchange offices around the city as they can try to scam you or give you a much worse exchange rate.
By Kristina K. Costs
If you're looking for a historic café to get inspiration from, and to work at, you can head to the Central Cafe & Restaurant, which is 132+ years old.
By Olivia T. Workspaces
When in Budapest, you must try the Szechenyi Baths at least once. You can get a full pass so that you have a complete hamman experience. Another interesting sight is to visit Vadjahunyad Castle (Budapest's Fairy Tale Castle). Other architectural landmarks are Buda Castle and the Parliament, which offers some free tours.
By Olivia T. Places to visit
Budapest is famous for its classical music, so do some research and try to head to a concert at the Liszt Music Academy or at the Hungarian State Opera House. It's well worth the experience.
By Randall M. Places to visit