Buenos Aires Argentina ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท
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Visiting Cafe Tortoni is a must. It is the oldest coffee shop in Argentina (opened in 1858). Make sure you walk around and check out the back rooms!
By Cody R. Food and drink
If you want to be a local, when going to a coffee place you must order a "cafe con medialunas". This is a traditional breakfast with coffee and croissants.
By Sander C. Food and drink
Visit the famous La Boca neighborhood of course, but make sure you leave the area before sunset. We were surprised when our waitress kindly kicked us out while we were having a late lunch. She explained that it gets dangerous at night and people start closing the shops around 5pm for safety reasons.
By Patricia R. Places to visit
You can get a day passย atย Hotel Panamericano'sย spa for about $35 USD. It has one of the most spectacular swimming pools on the 23rd floor. You will have access to the pool, the sauna and their gym (they have other packages available as well).
By Patricia R. Places to visit
You can visit "La Casa Rosada" (the Presidential Palace) for free on Saturdays from 10am to 6pm. It is located at the edge of the Plaza 5 de Mayo.
By Jen T. Places to visit
Definitely be aware of pickpocketing. Buenos Aires is a safe place in general, but do be cautious. Never leave your phone or handbag on a table or on the back of your chair in a cafe or restaurant.
By Marcel P. General
When you ask for the bill in coffee places, the waitress usually just tells you how much it is (they rarely bring a printed bill to you detailing the expenses). It took me a while to get used to it, but it's the custom here.
By Sofie R. Food and drink
I kept going back to All Saints Cafe on Ave. Corrientes to get work done. There is a long table downstairs where you can work for hours but there's limited natural light.
By Eric C. for All Saints Cafe cafe. Workspaces
If you like to mingle, visit "La Feria de San Telmo" (market) on a Sunday. Every Sunday locals and tourists fill up Calle Defensa and Plaza Dorrego to visit the many stalls selling antiques, hand-made crafts and souvenirs.ย You can watch a tango show around here as well. I paid only $15 USD to watch the best show in town called: Tango Porteรฑo.
By Eric C. Places to visit
If you need to renew your visa, just do a visa run. I went to immigration and the two options that they gave me were: Pay 2800 Argentinian pesos to renew it or simply do a visa run. I simply spent a few days in Puerto Iguazu (Brazilian side) but you can also cross over to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. It's a quick ferry and the town is great place to spend a couple of nights before returning to Buenos Aires.
By Johan L. General
When eating at a restaurant, sometimes you will notice a charge on your bill that's called "Cubierto". The cubierto is not a tip โ€“ itโ€™s actually a small charge to cover the bread and the cutlery youโ€™ve used. Any tip would be extra.
By Chris R. Food and drink
Argentinians dance tango every Sunday at 6pm in different plazas throughout the city. You can either join in or just hang out with those watching. It's an excellent local experience and a good way to practice tango for free.
By Chris R. General