Bogota vs Budapest vs Hanoi

Bogota 🇨🇴
Budapest 🇭🇺
Hanoi 🇻🇳
Population 10,978,360 1,768,073 8,053,663
Official language(s) Spanish Hungarian Vietnamese
Level of English Low High Moderate
Main airport El Dorado International Airport (BOG) Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (BUD) Nội Bài International Airport (HAN)
Most common months to visit January - March, December March - June, September - November January, February, October - December
Currency COP - Colombian Peso ($) HUF - Hungarian Forint (Ft) VND - Vietnamese Dong (₫)
Credit cards Accepted everywhere Accepted almost everywhere, cash needed for small shops Accepted in some places. Cash often preferred.
Remote worker visa No No No
Average monthly costs $1097 $1230 $1167
Rent $480 $499 $503
Groceries $82 $108 $151
Dining out $174 $202 $134
Cafe $22 $29 $39
Coworking space $77 $120 $72
Mobile internet $11 $9 $4
Public transportation $23 $36 $20
Taxis $28 $27 $13
Shared bicycles and scooters $17 $13 $0
Sport and cultural events $22 $24 $3
Museums and sights $7 $7 $4
Nightlife $46 $43 $89
Gym $15 $37 $57
Yoga $57 $48 $57
Massage $37 $26 $21
SIM card options Tigo, Movistar, Claro Vodafone, Telenor Viettel, Mobifone
Tipping 10% service included in all bills, not required or expected at bars without table service 10 - 15% at restaurants and bars Not required but appreciated, especially in taxis, restaurants and bars. Round up or add 10%.
Taxi apps Uber, Cabify Bolt, Fotaxi Grab, GoViet
Tap water Not drinkable Drinkable Not drinkable
Overall cuisine Latin American. Dishes with beef, pork and chicken are often mixed with flour-based foods and fruity desserts. Heavy influence from the Andes and other Colombian regions. Magyar cuisine makes extensive use of creams, cheeses and sauces primarily in beef, chicken and pork dishes, mixed with seasonal vegetables, fruits and rich desserts. A mix of French, Southeast Asian and Chinese with lots of fresh herbs and spices. Northern Vietnam cuisine includes a lot of fish and noodles.
Local food specialities Arepas, ajiaco santaferense, buñuelos, patacones, té de coca, changua Goulash, Fisherman's soup, Főzelék, Somloi Galuska, Pörkölt and Paprikás, Kürtös Kalács, Hungarian Lecsó, Lángos Pho, cha ca, Vietnamese coffee, pastries and breads
Eat like a local Local family restaurants and those from other regions. Menú del día. Community markets and sports bars. Local markets, cafés, taverns, street food, traditional restaurants Noodle Houses, Bakeries, Coffee and Tea Houses, street food
Vegetarian / vegan options 104 options on Happy Cow 47 options on HappyCow 104 listings on Happy Cow