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Refuga Barcelona Workation

15-20 entrepreneurs with the common belief that sharing knowledge is a benefit to all, will travel to Spain. Several of our participants have joined more than one trip, and they still get valuable experiences, which their growing business benefit from.

On a Refuga trip you get the time and the opportunity to immerse yourself into one of your projects. You get a break from everyday duties, as food will be taken care of for you. You will also get peace, fast internet speed and beautiful surroundings. We do everything to give you the best conditions to dive into your own projects and actually reach those goals you have had on your to-do list forever.

If you only plan on going in order to work, then you will miss some of the most valuable parts of Refuga: A network. The network will consist of likeminded entrepreneurs who freely and gladly share their best tips and own experiences.

The participants are always a very mixed bunch of people. Some are new, others have big businesses, and everyone has different experiences, which is shared in themed sessions about challenges and tips.

The open work environment in the big Spanish house results in work corners in many places. This means that you can easily ask others for advice if you should stumble upon a tricky challenge. This help can give many pages of notes which you can use to further develop your projects once you get home. There are many of our previous participants who wants to go again. We are very happy and proud of this, and it always creates a nice ambience on the trips. However, we do expect that a maximum of 75% of the participants have been on a similar trip as we strive to have room for new entrepreneurs and their new and fresh input.

Barcelona ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ
May 20, 2022 ‐ May 27, 2022