Hanoi Vietnam ๐Ÿ‡ป๐Ÿ‡ณ
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Key information about Hanoi



VND - Vietnamese Dong (โ‚ซ)
Exchange rate
1 USD = 23364.49 VND
ATM fees

30,000 - 90,000 VND per withdrawal (plus your own bank's fees)

Credit cards

Accepted in some places. Cash often preferred.


Not required but appreciated, especially in taxis, restaurants and bars. Round up or add 10%.

Main airport

Nแป™i Bร i International Airport (HAN)

Airport to city center

Public Bus (~10,000 Dong), Shuttle Bus (~50,000 Dong), Taxi (~300,000 Dong)

Other options

Hai Phong International Airport is a 2 hour bus ride away. Ho Chi Minh City is a one-day train ride away.

Taxi apps

Grab, GoViet

Public transportation

Bus: ~10,000 Dong per ride, pay with cash on board
Cyclo: ~115,000 Dong per hour, cash only

Getting around

Hanoi is an older city without a completed metro, so taxis and taxi bikes are the fastest way to move through its winding streets. If you opt for the (slow) bus or (even slower) cyclo, you'll have to pay cash, so keep small bills at hand.

SIM card
Best options

Viettel, Mobifone

Expected cost

250,000 VND for 5GB of data valid for 1 month

How to buy

Find an official network store in town. Avoid third party kiosks.

Official language(s)


Level of English


Tap water

Not drinkable

Overall cuisine

A mix of French, Southeast Asian and Chinese with lots of fresh herbs and spices. Northern Vietnam cuisine includes a lot of fish and noodles.

Local food specialities

Pho, cha ca, Vietnamese coffee, pastries and breads

Eat like a local

Noodle Houses, Bakeries, Coffee and Tea Houses, street food

Vegetarian / vegan options

104 listings on Happy Cow

Food delivery apps

Grab, Vietnammm


Big C: One of the biggest mega markets in Southeast Asia, you'll find everything and in bulk quantities.
Metro: Another mega chain with housegoods as well.
Circle K: Convenience corner store with hot food and small meals.
L's Place: Boutique shop with western food at premium prices.