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Interesting communities in Istanbul

To get situated in this huge city, there are several active Facebook groups for expats that offer all the information and activities you need to ease into the city. Coworking spaces and cafes in the Kadikoy and Besiktas neighborhoods will also bring you into contact with plenty of other remote workers, both from around Turkey and from other countries.
For expats to connect with each other, join exciting events and exchange tips about life in Istanbul.
Expats in Turkey™
A group for expats who want to meet other foreigners living in Istanbul.
CocoHub Istanbul
Communities of independent professionals living in Istanbul, with regularly scheduled activities and meetups.
Istanbul Expat Community
Offers free local advice and community meetups for expats living in or visiting Istanbul.
Foreigners in Istanbul
A group dedicated to the needs of foreigners; it follows a comprehensive guideline on its proper use. The group also assists foreigners in searching for accommodations and providing tips in traveling within Istanbul.
Istanbul Community for Foreigners
A community for foreigners and English-speaking locals who join regular events to make the most of their time in Istanbul.