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Where to stay in Larnaca

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
With an abundance of apartment offerings, in both older and newer buildings, and an ideal location only a short distance walk from the main beach, this is a very popular area for living. Centered around Stadiou Street, It's relatively quiet with a combination of larger avenues and smaller lanes but there's still very easy access to restaurants, cafes and all the nightlife. Rental prices are reasonable, supermarkets and bakeries are plentiful and it offers a great escape from the more touristy beach areas.
Away from center
This suburban village located just next to Larnaca airport is a favorite among longer-term visitors to the city. The city center is still easily accessible by taxi, and the village is filled with supermarkets, shops and banks, as well as a growing international community. This suburban alternative is perfect for those looking for a calmer stay in a larger property away from the bustling city center.
The main seafront of the city, Finikoudes offers all the relevant amenities to visitors. The beach is calm and shallow and apartments in this area tend to be on the more luxurious side, with most vacation rentals available. This is the center of all the action in Larnaca!
Further removed from the city center but closer to the main airport, the Mackenzie Beach area is still around 5 minutes away by car from the center of Larnaca. The area offers a more lively nightlife scene and is a famous summer destination among tourists from Britain and Greece. The area offers luxury apartments, all the amenities of a beachfront promenade, and the best restaurants and bars in town. Here you will find most co-working spaces and a growing expat and freelance community.
A more authentic and lest touristic option for remote workers is the neighborhood of Skala, located away from the seafront in the Turkish Cypriot quarter of the city center. Unlike the seafront promenades, Skala is characterized by smaller two-story homes and narrow streets, offering a much more realistic experience in terms of living in this unique part of the Mediterranean. In this neighborhood you can always find small stores and cafes, and you're never too far away from the city center or the beach!