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Close to center Bus Train Tram
At the base of the famous Ponte 25 de Abril bridge, and right along the Tagus River, its industrial past has now given way to a hipper feel. Art studios, unique shops, all kinds of cafes, restaurants and plenty of nightlife can all be found here, typically centered around the LX Factory complex. While not located downtown, it's a pleasant residential area to live in and public transportation makes it easy to reach.

Away from the city center, this area is a good option to live in for those who want a less touristy experience. You can find everything you need in Alcantara - cafes, shops, restaurants, nightlife and so on. You'll be farther from a lot of activities that take place in the center but it's pretty easy to get there when you need to. It's also cheaper to live out there in Alcantara.

By James K.