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Where to stay in Lisbon

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Close to center Bus Tram
Situated next to the imposing Sao Jorge Castle, the spectacular views alone make it worth living here. With a deep history, diverse population and plenty of local bakeries, restaurants and cafes, this pleasant corner of the city has more of an independent village feel.
Close to center Bus Train Tram
At the base of the famous Ponte 25 de Abril bridge, and right along the Tagus River, its industrial past has now given way to a hipper feel. Art studios, unique shops, all kinds of cafes, restaurants and plenty of nightlife can all be found here, typically centered around the LX Factory complex. While not located downtown, it's a pleasant residential area to live in and public transportation makes it easy to reach.
Cais do Sodre
Central Bus Metro Train Tram
Once an entertainment hangout for fishermen, its seedy and impoverished history has given way to a rejuvenation that includes fresh seafood restaurants, great nightlife, cool cafes and the busy Timeout Market food hall. Artisans and trendy youth have moved in, and the contrast with the remaining edginess and grit creates a unique waterfront feel located just below the center of the city.
Close to center Bus Train Tram
Historical and with well-preserved palaces and churches, it's now become the city's main design district with galleries, cooperatives and museums scattered around the middle-class streets. Traditional and fusion restaurants and excellent cafes and local shops sit side by side with old homes and brand new buildings. When the sun goes down, there is plenty of nightlife to choose from as well.
Avenida da Liberdade
Central Bus Metro
As prestigiouos as it gets, with designer shops, luxury hotels, cafes and embassies filling this main boulevard in the heart of the city. With grand fountains, old mansions and an overall setting built upon splendid 19th century architecture, this is the place to be for luxury living.
Principe Real
Central Bus Metro Tram
Upscale and the heart of the local gay scene, with a Moorish palace, local shopping, art galleries and a most peaceful garden surrounded by colorful 100 year old townhouses. Home to artisans and those with new money, it's quickly becoming one of the most desirable areas to live given it's relaxed vibe while being so close to other parts of the city.
Campo de Ourique
Close to center Bus Tram
Set in a grid pattern, this residential area is quiet, charming and traditional and almost feels like its own distinct city. Famous bakeries and cafes, a great local produce market, healthy restaurants and plenty of gardens and tree-lined streets add to the inviting atmosphere. With few tourists, it's easy to forget you're in Lisbon but the rest of the city is not too far away when you need it.
Close to center Bus Tram
One of the city's oldest neighborhoods and set below the Sao Jorge Castle, it's made up of excellent cafes, restaurants and artisan shops among medieval alleys, small squares, churches and tile-panelled homes. It can be touristy, but the views are idyllic, it's full of positive energy and the culture is strong.
Baixa - Chiado
Central Bus Metro Tram
Considered to be downtown Lisbon, this is the center of activity that stretches from the riverfront to Avenida Da Liberdade. The neoclassical architecture is stunning, along with beautiful squares, small walkable streets and wide avenues, endless cafes, bakeries and local shops. The charm is undeniable and it's close to many of the city's main attractions.
Bairro Alto
Central Bus Tram
Picturesque and bohemian, with street art, old homes, traditional restaurants, alternative shops and plenty of historic sights to visit. The vibrant nightlife is a major draw, as the bars, clubs and Fado houses are full of patrons every night of the week. Home to plenty of cafes, a truly central location and panoramic views, making it popular for all kinds of visitors.