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Bairro Alto

Central Bus Tram
Picturesque and bohemian, with street art, old homes, traditional restaurants, alternative shops and plenty of historic sights to visit. The vibrant nightlife is a major draw, as the bars, clubs and Fado houses are full of patrons every night of the week. Home to plenty of cafes, a truly central location and panoramic views, making it popular for all kinds of visitors.

You'll always hear mixed things about living here, right in the heart of the city. Based on my experience, I think it's a good spot to live for a few months. It's actually quiet and calm during the day, with a nice hip vibe. In the evening, it's a different story as the bars and restaurants open and the nightlife starts up. While it's not the most expensive area to live in, rental rates are definitely higher here than in neighborhoods farther away from the center.

By Joaquin S.