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Latest tips about Lisbon

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I personally would avoid staying in the heart of the city as it gets noisy in the evenings and with all the partying, it's not the most pleasant place to walk through late at night. Staying somewhere like Santos, just outside the center, gives you the best of Lisbon without the noise and night time crowds.
By Jeremy F. Housing
When looking at apartments, make sure you give each place a thorough examination. Things like water damage, mold, cracks in the wall, windows that allow a lot of street noise in are all things that you might notice right away and many apartments in Lisbon have those issues.
By Mariella M. Housing
Uber is quite inexpensive in Lisbon and a good way to get around if you need to travel across the city, especially at night.
By Caroline W. Transportation
You'll always hear mixed things about living here, right in the heart of the city. Based on my experience, I think it's a good spot to live for a few months. It's actually quiet and calm during the day, with a nice hip vibe. In the evening, it's a different story as the bars and restaurants open and the nightlife starts up. While it's not the most expensive area to live in, rental rates are definitely higher here than in neighborhoods farther away from the center.
By Joaquin S. for Bairro Alto area. Where to live
Cool spot to get some work done. Very friendly staff and great food too. The only thing is that it does get crowded often so it really only works as a workspace when it's not a busy time of the day.
By Priyanka K. for The Mill cafe. Workspaces
Cozy and uplifting place with a minimalistic feel. Excellent menu of fresh food, good internet and several different seating options. One of the more reliable places to work in the city.
By Caroline W. for Hello, Kristof cafe. Workspaces
Easy to miss and not in an area with heavy traffic. This has been my preferred cafe as I live around the corner and this spot is always friendly, super clean, has reliable wifi and probably the best cinnamon rolls I've had in a many years! They have a good amount of tables and several plug outlets too.
By Dave H. for Copenhagen Coffee Lab cafe. Workspaces
Worth spending one day working here at least! Unique set up with old buses and shipping containers balanced on top of each other and set up as a cafe/coworking space. Perfect for when you need some added inspiration!
By Lauren C. for Village Underground Lisboa coworking space. Workspaces
Not quite in the heart of the city, this area is much more laid-back, has much fewer tourists and has a very relaxed residential feel to it. It's super close to the more popular restaurant and nightlife areas of the city but has it's own collection of places to hang out as well. I've been here for 5 months and to me, the combination of lower rent, quieter neighborhood and walkability to other parts of the city makes it perfect for living.
By Patrick M. for Santos area. Where to live
Always full of life and energy, and you'll always be close to the water. It's a bit expensive to live in this area and it can be a little loud, but you can get everywhere very easily and you're always close to great food and nightlife.
By Brendan V. for Cais do Sodre area. Where to live
No shortage of charm in wonderful Alfama! Some people might not like the tourist crowds and souvenir shops that line the main street but a few steps back from that you can enjoy a more local experience. I really enjoy the vibe here and the proximity to the actual center of Lisbon.
By Jolie J. for Alfama area. Where to live
Away from the city center, this area is a good option to live in for those who want a less touristy experience. You can find everything you need in Alcantara - cafes, shops, restaurants, nightlife and so on. You'll be farther from a lot of activities that take place in the center but it's pretty easy to get there when you need to. It's also cheaper to live out there in Alcantara.
By James K. for Alcantara area. Where to live
There's a ton of construction going on in the city so before you rent an apartment, be sure to ask about construction noise nearby or, even better, check it out for yourself. You don't want to end up in a nice place next to a building that is under constant work all day!
By Li K. Housing
There are big digital nomad meetups almost every week and sometimes, over 100 people will show up. It's worth going to one or two and you're bound to meet people and branch off into smaller groups after that. You can find the meetups posted on the Lisbon Digital Nomads FB page.
By Ali T. Community
Very chill and pleasant neighborhood to live in. It feels a bit posh with its orderly streets, higher end apartments and small parks scattered around but it also has a lot of great local restaurants and cafes. It's a little distance from the center of Lisbon but easily accessible with public transportation and a great alternative to the more touristy areas of the city.
By Dave H. for Campo de Ourique area. Where to live
The National Coach Museum in the Belem district is highly recommended. By far one of the most unique museums and even if you think it's a bit silly to look at coaches and carriages, the chance is high that you'll be quite impressed and surprised by the experience!
By Shawn M. Places to visit
A bit tricky to find but worth the trip. Sweeping views out over the city, a ton of natural light and a cozy atmosphere that's ideal for a couple of hours of laptop work. Great menu with snacks, drinks and homemade cakes.
By Mariella M. for Cafe da Garagem cafe. Workspaces