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Interesting communities in Medellin

Ever since Medellin became a hotspot for remote workers, the community seems to keep on growing. With frequent meetups and activities organized by the digital nomad group below, you can get integrated soon after arrival. The Medellin Meetups and other expat groups simply add to the abundance of opportunities to mix and mingle with both welcoming locals and other foreigners.
Expats in Medellin and Colombia
Members of the group can benefit from the information exchange about life in Colombia.
Expats in Colombia
A private Facebook group dedicated to sharing information between Expats living in and visiting the wonderful country of Colombia.
Expats in Medellin
This group provides the Columbian culture through stories and various experiences as an expat in Medellin.
Medellin Expats
An online community for expatriates and digital nomads particularly for those looking for accommodations and local news in Medellin.
Digital Nomads Medellin
This is a group for digital nomads who live or who want to live in Medellin, you can also download here a free Medellin guide for digital nomads.
Medellin Meetups & Expat Info
This is a group to share expat info, events, get-togethers, or outings taking place in and around Medellin.
InterNations - Expat Community in Medellin
This online group aims to support you with a wealth of resources, guides, and advice specifically created for expats in Medellin
Wandering Paisa Language Exchange
A long-running language exchange, it takes place at the Wandering Paisa Hostel in Estadio and draws in foreigners and students from around Medellin.