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Where to stay in Panama City

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Punta Pacifica
Close to center Bus
The best spot for expat living and working remotely, Punta Pacifica offers everything you might expect from a developed and modern location. With its luxury real estate options, Punta Pacifica offers incredible accommodation with striking views of the pacific ocean. The area is well served in terms of all basic amenities and is also home to the city's best bars, cafés and restaurants. During the evenings, the area offers a vibrant and fashionable nightlife scene. It is a favorite among people who live and work in Panama City. The biggest drawback will be the prices - this is Panama City's most expensive area and might not be suitable for remote workers on a budget.
Close to center Bus Metro
This is a heavily commercial area of central Panama City that offers fantastic and relatively affordable bars, restaurants and cafes. The neighborhood is home to some of Panama's most important shopping centers, making it a trendsetting area, with many of the biggest names in fashion holding stores here. Accommodation will be in high-rises, giving you sweeping views of the rest of the city. The area is well located in terms of access to amenities and the Metro line, but it will be expensive and always busy. Some of Panama City's foremost coworking spaces can be found here, reflecting the area's proximity to the main business district and the Historical Center.
El Cangrejo
Close to center Bus Metro
This fun, more authentic neighborhood in central Panama City is a favorite among young expats and digital nomads. The area provides housing in smaller, shared homes and prices are more acceptable than in other areas of the city. El Cangrejo has numerous fantastic bars, cafes and restaurants right within its borders and is still well connected to the rest of the city via public transport. The area is solidly middle-class and feels safe, artsy and local.
Costa del Este
Away from center Bus
This upscale neighborhood of Panama City is a hit with expat families and visiting executives. It is modern, organized, relatively quiet, and is home to the country's best schools. Prices here are high, but the area certainly provides a fantastic standard of living and good connections to the rest of the city via public transport. Costa del Este itself feels generally quite exclusive with its skyscrapers with sweeping views of the pacific and sleek clubs favored among celebrities in the area.
Away from center Bus
Historically the site of US operations in Panama, Clayton has a distinctly American suburban feel but is still graced by a tropical vibe. This area is Panama City's greenest neighborhood and is a welcome refuge away from the heavy traffic of the city center. It is still well connected to the center of town, and is also the home to the city's renowned City of Knowledge technology park which is home to important tech startups and offers fantastic entertainment and learning options. To the west, the neighborhood looks on to the striking Miraflores Locks. Rents here will be expensive.
Casco Viejo
Central Bus Metro
The very center of Panama City, the Historical Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing some of Central America's most iconic colonial architecture. This is also the heart of Panama City's tourism, meaning amenities for foreigners are easiest to find, including fantastic restaurants, bars and clubs. The center of the city is, as expected, well connected via metro and metro bus. Housing here is mostly in high rises bordering the Historical Center or in shared homes within it. If you choose this area to live, expect lots of tourists and high prices.
San Francisco
Close to center Bus
Home to Parque Omar, San Francisco has become a popular neighborhood among young people and artists. The neighborhood is increasingly hip and its mixture of high-rises and single-family homes makes it feel more authentic than some of the other towering areas of Panama City. Parque Omar provides a welcome stretch of tropical nature in the heart of the city, and the areas trendy bars and restaurants make this an ideal neighborhood for remote workers. Prices here will also be more affordable than in other areas of the city, and transport easily accessible.