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Panama City is full of high rise apartment buildings on its outskirts and they are still building. The native city residents are generally poor, and my impression of the city is that you will live in an insulated community far from the reality of enjoying and experiencing a foreign destination. Driving is crazy - definitely take a cab.
By Debbie A. General
Soberania National Park, which is only 30 minutes away from the city center is a cool escape. I suggest exploring the Las Cruces Trail inside the park, a hiking trail that was used by the Spanish in the 16th century as a way to transport gold.
By Nipe C. Places to visit
Casco Viejo is the old city. This area used to be really run down, but now Panama City is investing a lot in it and a lot of the old buildings have been refurbished and transformed into boutique hotels, stylish cafes and restaurants, and beautiful little shops. If you're into photoshoots, this is your place.
By Keith G. Where to live
Panama Canal - If you want to see ships actually going through the channel โ€“ surely the main reason for going there โ€“ make sure to be there in the morning, from 9:00am until around 10:30, or the afternoon from 2:30pm until it closes at 4:30pm. I highly recommend you to take a Panama Canal sightseeing cruise.
By Jay F. Places to visit
Panama City actually has some amazing creative street art. Not just the hidden art in Casco Viejo, but all around town near Avenida Central and Santa Ana youโ€™ll find some great murals. Also, go to a rooftop bar to enjoy the city's beautiful skyline. If you do this in Casco Viejo, youโ€™ll get the very best views. Tantalo is the most famous rooftop restaurant/bar.
By Matt T. Places to visit
Cab drivers will definitely have a special gringo price just for you so make sure to ask for a better deal before getting in. Also, cab drivers will often try to pick up more people and jam as many passengers into the vehicle as possible.ย Be adamant that you don't want this but expect to pay a little more.
By Tatiana L. Transportation
Drive two hours southwest of Panama City and youโ€™ll get to El Valle de Anton. This is in the highlands of Panama and it's a charming village surrounded by a volcanic caldera. Another wonderful contrast to the international, modern infrastructure of Panama City is a day trip to one of the Embera India villages.
By Scott C. Places to visit
You donโ€™t have to change currency here if you're coming from the US.ย Panama was the first Latin American country to adopt the U.S. dollar as its official currency.
By Ali H. General
Panama City is the only capital city in the world that has a rainforest within the city limits. Hike through it at Parque Natural Metropolitano!
By Kevin W. Places to visit
The doctors here are very good but the support staff and administration are so/so. If I needed attention, I would go to Paitilla Hospital (private). Prices are not high, and not low but you'll get good care.ย 
By Chris R. General
Usually, 5-star hotels will let you use their rooftop pools. The W Hotel was great but the views from the Hard Rock better.
By Matthew D. General
Avoid the high crime areas in/around Panama City such as El Chorrillo, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Cabo Verde, Curundu, Veracruz Beach, Santa Librada, Rio Abajo, San Miguelito, Juan Diaz, Pedregal. If youโ€™re in one and think you shouldnโ€™t be, trust that gut and catch a cab somewhere else.
By Matthew D. General
Panema City is all about jazz music. The most popular spot in Panama City is Daniloโ€™s Jazz Club inside the American Trade Hotel. For other nightlife, I recommend Casa Bruja (it has itโ€™s own brewed beer) and some top bars such as La Jirafa de Maria Del Alma and 1400 Bar.
By Cristina B. Food and drink
Visit the oldest cafe in Panama called The Coca-Cola Cafe, located just outside Casca Viejo. Sample Panamaโ€™s Geisha coffee. Itโ€™s one of the most expensive in the world. There are plenty of coffee shops in Casco Viejo where you can sample this pricey beverage.
By Cristina B. Food and drink
Head to Amador Causeway. Itโ€™s a nice man-made causeway connecting Panama city to 3 islands. You can rent a pedal bike at the start of the causeway for $3 dollars and enjoy your ride. Great views of the boats entering the canal, the Bridge of the Americaโ€™s and the downtown. A few pubs await you on the islands.
By Cristina B. Places to visit