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Latest tips about Playa del Carmen

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If you like sushi, Sushi-Ken (located in the middle of Playa) offers 2x1 rolls every Wednesday, and 3x2 every Thursday. The evenings are usually crowded on these days but it's the best deal you'll find and it's great quality.
By Raul H. Food and drink
One of the best mini trips I took out of Playa was to spend a weekend on laid-back Isla Holbox, taking a boat tour to see the bioluminescent water at night and then spending a night at Rio Lagartos where the pink flamingos hang out in their natural habitat and where you can also spend time at the spectacular pink lake and empty white sand beaches.
By trey F. Places to visit
The best beach in Playa del Carmen is usually the one inside Playacar. It's generally wider and less crowded with tourists, with beautiful water. You can simply walk there along the beach. it starts just after the pier where ferries leave for Cozumel.
By Geri P. Places to visit
Every Sunday thereโ€™s a free show/concert at the Teatro de la Ciudad performing arts center. Keep an eye on the program, you can find it on their FB page.
By Liz A. Places to visit
There are free salsa lessons at Senzi (it's a beach bar/restaurant in the center of town). The free lessons are on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9pm.
By Valentina N. Places to visit
Go to the Mario Villanueva sports center in the middle of town to play tennis, basketball, go for a nice run or to take a salsa lesson in the open air. It's an ideal open complex where many people go to exercise.
By Andy N. Places to visit
If you want to splurge, you must go to the Thompson Hotel RoofTop that has a pool, bar, food and great view (you can get a day pass, or simply go for a drink/dinner).
By Andy N. Places to visit
When walking alone at night, watch out for motorbikes that might speed by and try to grab your purse or backpack. Stay on well lit streets late at night as a result. It's not super common but it does happen.
By Kim O. Safety
In Playa, avoid using the ATMs on the 5th Ave and withdraw money only from ATMs at supermarkets or banks instead. Lots of scams or hidden fees with the ATMs on 5th Avenue.
By Kim O. Costs
When you pay for your groceries at the supermarket, there will be someone there to put everything into a bag. These are usually students or elderly people and they generally don't get paid by the store. It's nice to tip them around 10 pesos for this service.
By Trevor F. General
Getting to/from the airport is easy with the ADO bus that leaves from the two main stations in Playa. It leaves about every hour, the bus is comfortable, it takes about 1 hour to reach the airport and costs around 120 pesos. When leaving the airport, just ask the security staff outside where the official ticket office is for ADO and ignore everyone else who approaches you trying to offer transportation and buses.
By Ivan T. Transportation
When taking a taxi, let them know that youโ€™re โ€œa localโ€ to make sure they give you a fair rate. They might ask if you're visiting for example, but just tell them you live here. There are set rates that are actually quite low (less than 50 pesos per ride in the center of town) but the driver might want to negotiate instead. There are no meters so it is better to ask the price ahead of time.
By Diego B. Transportation
Every Thursday evening artists sell their artwork on the 5th Ave. Take a walk and enjoy the environment as it's the most pleasant evening to be walking around that area.
By Diego B. Places to visit
If you want to spend the day at a beach club, I recommend Coco Beach. They also have a swimming pool. You can get in for free but and you just need to consume $300 pesos or more in food and beverages.
By Jackson W. Places to visit
Tacos El Fogรณn is a must visit restaurant. It's a local place and gets crowded almost every evening. Just show up before 7pm and there shouldn't be a huge line. Try the tacos al pastor, it's their signature dish!
By Brian S. Food and drink
If you go to Reef28, they have a monthly pass for their spa/gym. The rates are excellent and you have access to the hydrotherapy circuit!
By Bev C. General
An excellent weekend trip involves visiting Cenote Dos Ojos (itโ€™s one of the most popular and it's gorgeous!) and then continuing on to Valladolid and Chichen Itza. It's totally worth it and you can easily rent a car in Playa for the weekend. Shouldn't cost more than $25 USD per day.
By Kiera N. Places to visit