Porto Portugal 🇵🇹
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Interesting communities in Porto

While much smaller than Lisbon, the remote worker community here is still active enough to find plenty of people to spend time with. The digital nomad and expat groups hold regular meetups and the animal welfare organization below attracts both foreigners and locals looking to help out.
Porto Expats
Huge facebook community for expats in Porto.
Digital Nomads Porto
Online support community for remote workers in Porto.
Porto Internationals
Large Meetup community hosting regular events for expats year-round.
Internations Porto
Membership group for the expat community. Regularly hosts networking events.
Porto Digital Nomads Meetup
Large meetup.com community devoted only to events and networking for Digital Nomads in Porto.
Animais de Rua
Volunteer organization working for the safekeeping and health of stray animals in the city.