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Rio de Janeiro
Home to a spectacular landscape that few cities can match, along with white-sand beaches, a bustling city center and a culture that pervades every aspect of life, Rio de Janeiro is beyond alluring for many. Whether you want to surf, hang-glide, party or sightsee in your free time, you will never run out of things to do. The cost of living is reasonable and the people warm, although the city certainly has a gritty side to it that requires some attention. But it's hard to resist the constant music and dancing, the beachside drinks, the wild festivals, the breathtaking nature and the heritage of Brazil's second largest city.

Monthly cost of living for remote workers

A remote worker can expect to spend an average of 9772 1863 1577 ${ selected_currency } per month in Rio de Janeiro, with an average rent of 5681 1083 917 ${ selected_currency }.
1 bedroom apartment / modern / central / short term
${ selected_currency } 5681 1083 917
Basic groceries
${ selected_currency } 506 96 82
Dining out
12 dinners and 8 lunches
${ selected_currency } 1120 213 181
20 coffees / teas
${ selected_currency } 133 25 21
Coworking space
1 month membership / hot desk
${ selected_currency } 693 132 112
Mobile internet
Prepaid SIM / 5 GB data / fast
${ selected_currency } 37 7 6
Public transportation
20 roundtrip journeys
${ selected_currency } 178 34 29
5 short trips
${ selected_currency } 76 14 12
Shared bicycles and scooters
10 trips
${ selected_currency } 87 17 14
Sport and cultural events
1 event
${ selected_currency } 292 56 47
Museums and sights
3 sights / entrance tickets
${ selected_currency } 136 26 22
5 nights out / 3 drinks per night
${ selected_currency } 290 55 47
1 month membership
${ selected_currency } 163 31 26
10 classes
${ selected_currency } 212 40 34
1 massage
${ selected_currency } 168 32 27
${ selected_currency } 9772 1863 1577
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With coworking spaces, I recommend checking out Selina in Lapa, My Office or My Company, both in Barra de Tijuca. Doca is one of the biggest coworking spaces in Rio and is always a reliable option.
By Mitch L. Workspaces
To spend time at the beach in Rio you can go to Copacabana or Ipanema. Copacabana beach is more frequented by tourist but you can walk along the beach and drink Caipirinha or beer. If you want a less crowded beach, head to Leblon or Barra da Tijuca. You'll find a very relaxed atmosphere compared to Copacabana.
By Asli P. Places to visit
If possible, watch a soccer game in the Maracana Stadium. The atmosphere is electric and needs to be witnessed. It's one of my favorite activities in the city.
By Erik S. Places to visit
When it comes to drinks and food, these are my favorite options: Vizinho Gastrobar in Barra de Tijuca, Da Gema (where you can try their famous coxinha) and Oro Restaurante if youโ€™re looking for a Michelin-starred meal.
By Jas R. Food and drink
For safety reasons, avoid using buses, especially at night. Stick to the metro, train, public minivans, Uber, or taxi.
By David M. Safety
Average weather in Rio de Janeiro
Most common months to visit: January - March, December
What to know
Main airport
Galeรฃo International Airport
Tap water
Not drinkable
10% usually included in restaurants, 10% at bars and cafes with table service is common
Taxi apps
Easy Taxi, 99 Taxi, Uber