Ubud Indonesia 🇮🇩
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A small town located in Bali's interior, it's no wonder that Ubud has become a major hotspot for remote workers over the years. Surrounded by lush green jungle and rice paddies, and with beautiful Hindu temples on every street and lane, this friendly, laid-back destination is also remarkably affordable for the lifestyle it offers. With a focus on healthy living and sustainability, there are endless shops selling an abundance of hand-made, locally-produced items and dozens of restaurants serving up excellent, high-quality food made from fresh, local ingredients. Bali's beaches are only 45 minutes away and many consider Ubud to be Bali's true paradise destination.

Monthly cost of living for remote workers

A remote worker can expect to spend an average of 20431075 1438 1244 ${ selected_currency } per month in Ubud, with an average rent of 9860000 694 600 ${ selected_currency }.
1 bedroom apartment / modern / central / short term
${ selected_currency } 9860000 694 600
Basic groceries
${ selected_currency } 2249442 158 137
Dining out
12 dinners and 8 lunches
${ selected_currency } 144000 10 9
20 coffees / teas
${ selected_currency } 413333 29 25
Coworking space
1 month membership / hot desk
${ selected_currency } 1585000 112 97
Mobile internet
Prepaid SIM / 5 GB data / fast
${ selected_currency } 37500 3 2
Public transportation
20 roundtrip journeys
${ selected_currency } 800000 56 49
5 short trips
${ selected_currency } 200000 14 12
Shared bicycles and scooters
10 trips
${ selected_currency } 500000 35 30
Sport and cultural events
1 event
${ selected_currency } 210000 15 13
Museums and sights
3 sights / entrance tickets
${ selected_currency } 132000 9 8
5 nights out / 3 drinks per night
${ selected_currency } 1765000 124 107
1 month membership
${ selected_currency } 1079800 76 66
10 classes
${ selected_currency } 1305000 92 79
1 massage
${ selected_currency } 150000 11 9
${ selected_currency } 20431075 1438 1244
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When traveling to Bali, you'll have a few visa options: A Visa on Arrival is available for around $25 USD at the airport and that lasts for 30 days. This can be extended once for another 30 days, giving you a 2 month stay. Or you can get a Visa Waiver at the airport. This is free (just a stamp from immigration) and that allows you to stay for 30 days but it cannot be extended at all. The other option is to get a Social Cultural Visa (B-211) before you arrive which allows you to stay up to 60 days. You can then extend it another 3 times, for 30 days each time, giving you up to 6 months in the country.
By Mark A. General
I took classes at the Yoga Barn during my 2 month stay and thoroughly enjoyed this yoga studio. Great way to meet people as well.
By Nadia P. Places to visit
Alcohol is highly taxed in Bali and it will not fit into the budget if you're looking to spend less. A bottle of wine from a shop will be minimum $25 USD for a low-quality imported wine. Local wines are available for less but they quality is quite poor. Beer is the cheapest.
By Sam B. Food and drink
Withdrawing money from the airport is a pretty safe bet – unless the ATMs have run out of cash, which can happen. But at the airport and at ATMs inside the banks themselves, is the least likely place you’ll get “skimmed.” Get notifications about withdrawals on your phone.
By Erik S. Costs
If you get the chance to see a Royal Balinese funeral in Ubud take it! I’ve been lucky enough to see two of them and they were incredible spectacles. The funerals showcase so much of what makes the culture of Bali unique and special.
By Jean L. Places to visit
Average weather in Ubud
Most common months to visit: May - October
What to know
Main airport
Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPA)
Indonesian and Balinese
Tap water
Not drinkable
Tip 5 - 10% in restaurants if service charge is not included in the bill
Taxi apps
Grab, GoJek