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Where to stay in Ubud

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Close to center
Almost like a suburb, this quiet area sits approximately 5 minutes drive from the center of Ubud. With its green fields, yoga classes, vegan cafes and endless array of villas to rent, foreigners often choose to live here in order to be away from the slightly busier center of Ubud.
Central Ubud
The true heart of town and where you'll find a never-ending collection of healthy restaurants, local eateries, great cafes, funky shops, yoga studios, massage spas, art studios and friendly people. It can be busy but it maintains its own genuine charm, with daily offerings to the gods placed every morning in front of most businesses and homes and with bells and incense flowing out of the many temples. The smaller streets directly to the north of the center can be a solid option for quieter, central living and the overall touristy feel is still quite low-key compared to some of the popular coastal areas of Bali.
Slightly outside of Ubud's center, Campuhan is best known for the beautiful ridge walk through its lush, picturesque jungle. A laid-back lifestyle is the focus here, with accommodation available on the lanes that branch off the one main road. A mix of local shops and eateries with a scattering of Western-oriented businesses, provides enough amenities to ensure one doesn't need to make the 10 minute drive into Ubud everyday.
As a small, conveniently located part of town only 1 kilometer from the center, this area is growing in popularity. It's known for a unique painting style made popular by the local residents. With artwork being the focus, there are also some restaurants, cafes and yoga studios centered around a creative atmosphere. The rest of Ubud is a short walk or drive away, right along one the main roads that connects Ubud to other parts of the island.
Close to center
With its true local feel and short 10 minute walking distance to Ubud's center, this area of busy main streets and calmer lanes can be an inexpensive and convenient place to live. The Peliatan Royal Palace is the main landmark of this neighborhood and traditional dance and ceremonies are typically witnessed in these parts throughout the year.