Ubud Indonesia ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ
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Interesting communities in Ubud

Head to one of the coworking spaces, check out one of the popular Facebook groups or simply walk around the center of town and you're bound to find yourself meeting other remote workers staying here. Cafes, restaurants, yoga studios and meditation centers are also full of travelers and remote workers from around the world.
Bali Expat Community
A public group that provides useful information for people living and wanting to live in Bali.
Ubud Digital Nomads
A positive place to gather, discuss, ask, help, and share information that is relevant to remote workers in Ubud.
Bali Digital Nomads
Created in 2014 and with over 16,000 members, this group is Bali's remote worker/digital nomad online hub.
Ubud Community for Women (UCW)
A place for women living in Ubud to meet online and share events, news and helpful tips.
Ubud Community
A large online community for people to communicate and share with others living in Ubud.
Natural Vibes Bali
Frequent outdoor excursions for those who want to meet others while exploring Bali's nature.
Bali Nomad Girls
Weekly meetups for female remote workers living in or passing through Bali.