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When traveling to Bali, you'll have a few visa options: A Visa on Arrival is available for around $25 USD at the airport and that lasts for 30 days. This can be extended once for another 30 days, giving you a 2 month stay. Or you can get a Visa Waiver at the airport. This is free (just a stamp from immigration) and that allows you to stay for 30 days but it cannot be extended at all. The other option is to get a Social Cultural Visa (B-211) before you arrive which allows you to stay up to 60 days. You can then extend it another 3 times, for 30 days each time, giving you up to 6 months in the country.
By Mark A. General
I took classes at the Yoga Barn during my 2 month stay and thoroughly enjoyed this yoga studio. Great way to meet people as well.
By Nadia P. Places to visit
Alcohol is highly taxed in Bali and it will not fit into the budget if you're looking to spend less. A bottle of wine from a shop will be minimum $25 USD for a low-quality imported wine. Local wines are available for less but they quality is quite poor. Beer is the cheapest.
By Sam B. Food and drink
Withdrawing money from the airport is a pretty safe bet โ€“ unless the ATMs have run out of cash, which can happen. But at the airport and at ATMs inside the banks themselves, is the least likely place youโ€™ll get โ€œskimmed.โ€ Get notifications about withdrawals on your phone.
By Erik S. Costs
If you get the chance to see a Royal Balinese funeral in Ubud take it! Iโ€™ve been lucky enough to see two of them and they were incredible spectacles. The funerals showcase so much of what makes the culture of Bali unique and special.
By Jean L. Places to visit
If youโ€™re into culture, just outside of Ubud is a little temple called Gunung Kawi Sebatu. Itโ€™s a water temple with a couple of huge ponds and some pools where you can swim. The place is beautiful and normally almost empty. Check it out, youโ€™ll like it.
By Monique B. Places to visit
There are more popular cafes to work at but if the popular ones are crowded, the Paradiso Cinema has a cafe upstairs. The food is good too and there is plenty of space to sit and get work done, even a balcony overlooking the street below.
By Derek G. Workspaces
If you rent a motorbike/scooter, do some research online and find a place that has great reviews. You don't want to deal with a shady scooter rental agency as you can run into all kinds of problems with extra charges, holding your passport and so on. Just hire one from a reputable company and you'll be all set. The price is so low that having one for your entire stay is not a bad idea. It costs around $5 per day. But if you're not used to riding a scooter, especially in a country where people don't necessarily follow the traffic rules all the time, it might not be a good idea.
By Erik S. Transportation
I found Ubud to be very safe after staying there for 4 months. I never had a problem at all, even walking around at night. The usual stuff is important - not leave things unattended and watch your purse/bag if you're walking alone but I honestly never had any incidents.
By Olga S. Safety
I stayed at Sarin Ubud Suites and I highly recommend it. It's a great location very close (walking distance) to the center of town and it has a beautiful villa set in a huge green yard with a nice pool, monkeys hanging around and a completely peaceful setting. Rooms are about $30 USD per night and you can definitely negotiate for long term deals.
By Haley V. Housing
Ubud is full of activities and events. Check out the popular FB groups for remote workers in the area and you'll find stuff going on almost every day. It's also super easy to meet people at yoga classes, cafes (Kafe, Bali Buda and Mother are three great ones), coworking spaces and parties.
By Alex V. Community
Absolutely check out places in person before you book something for a longer term stay. You can also negotiate with owners quite easily. For stays of more than 1 month, I wouldn't book something in advance. Book a hotel/guesthouse for a few days, check out some villas when you arrive and you'll end up with a much better deal than what you could find online.
By Nadia P. Housing
The Mandiri ATMs are considered the most reliable by many people and they allow you to take out 2,500,000 IDR at a time. Most ATMs allow you to take only 1,000,000 IDR at a time.
By Erik S. Costs
Kafe is a great 'cafe' to work at! Friendly, plenty of tables, great and inexpensive food and always other people working online there.
By Alex V. Workspaces