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Where to stay in Austin

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Away from center Bus
Largely residential but still close to Downtown Austin, this East Austin neighborhood offers local living within easy proximity to the heart of the action. It is a favorite among University of Texas students looking to escape the campus scene, making a young area with a number of good cafes and bars. The neighborhood enjoys a tightly-knit community that values its green spaces, quiet areas and southern style. In recent years, it has become popular among young professionals and creative types looking for an escape from the more intense areas of East Austin.
North Loop
Close to center Bus Metro
This traditional working-class neighborhood has gentrified into a modern, trendy area with a great number of bars, restaurants, innovative coffeehouses and nightlife institutions. The neighborhood has a local feel and is easily walkable, and is still well connected to the rest of the city via public and private transport. Rents here will be cheaper than in other areas of Austin, and the area's proximity to the University of Texas main campus makes it a lively and young area.
Barton Hills
Away from center Bus
This is the neighborhood for nature-lovers. Barton Hills houses the huge Zilker Park, which hosts a range of incredible recreational activities throughout the year, including a yearly music festival. The area is known for being friendly to newcomers and also offers easy access to Downtown Austin as well as other areas of the city. The area feels authentic and local even within sprawling Austin, and it will be easier to find more affordable rentals in this area.
East Austin
Close to center Bus
East Austin is among one of the most popular destinations for young professionals in the United States. It has rapidly gentrified into an edgy and hip zone now home to numerous bars, restaurants and coffeehouses catering to a hipster and alternative clientele. This cool area is super close to Downtown Austin and also offers some of the city best culinary options as the home of Austin's tex-mex district and some fantastic Southern-style eateries. East Austin is also home to some of the city's best museums and has a strong cultural and artistic scene.
The Domain
Away from center Bus
Located in northern Austin, The Domain has become a favorite among corporate types and young professionals. The area offers a range of office and coworking options as well as a great number of amenities within its main shopping center. The neighborhood is still well-connected with the rest of the city and enjoys great access to green spaces. It is the home of Facebook in Texas and offers a lively community setting for tech professionals and remote workers in other major industries.
South Congress and South Lamar
Close to center Bus
These areas of South Central Austin are popular among tourists for its boulevards filled with hip boutiques, cafes and restaurants in South Congress and iconic boulevards and restaurants in South Lamar. Live music is common in these neighborhoods and they are jointly considered the city's main entertainment district. The area is also visually stunning, with easy access to natural areas in nearby neighborhoods and also sweeping views of the Texas State Capitol within it. The area enjoys endless art galleries, dance venues and pubs, as well as good access to the downtown area via public transport.
Close to center Bus
Mueller is a quintessentially American neighborhood that feels young and progressive. The area has a strong emphasis on sustainability and is a favorite among young families and professionals. The area enjoys a variety of great bars, restaurants, cafes, coworking spaces and nightlife venues. The neighborhood is also designed to take advantage of Austin's encompassing access to nature with Lake Park right at the heart of the area. Mueller's location near the old city airport, gives the neighborhood a cool, edgy vibe, with some old hangars repurposed as offices spaces, film studios and restaurants.
South River
Close to center Bus
Still very close to downtown Austin, but with overall lower rents, the South River area offers an ideal combination of urban living without the density and busyness. Just across the bridge from downtown, there's no shortage of parks, cafes and great restaurants, making this a popular location for young professionals. With the lake nearby, outdoor activities are always at hand as well. As for accommodation, there are many single family homes here, with a healthy mix of apartment complexes that have spring up recently.
Hyde Park
Close to center Bus
This quintessentially Texan neighborhood is a dream for those who love good architecture and local living. The area has a tightly-knit community residing within modern bungalows, Tudor Revivals and neo-Victorian manors. There is a fun lawn scene and the area's tree-lined boulevards make the area feel close to nature always. Hyde Park is well-connected to the city via public transport (around 20 minutes by bus) and offers a number of good rental opportunities at slight higher prices than nearby neighborhoods like North Loop.
Old West Austin
Close to center Bus
This historic neighborhood is known for its eclectic architectural sense and its access to some of Austin's best green spaces. Old West Austin has long been home to some of the city's wealthiest families but is also popular among more affluent University of Texas Students looking to escape the main campus neighborhoods. The area has easy access to the rest of the city and has some good restaurants within its limits. Old West Austin does have fantastic access to local grocery and convenience stores as well as gyms and other amenities.
Central Bus Metro
A typical, thriving, Texan metropolis with all the amenities of a modern city center. This is the obvious choice for people who want to be the heart of the action, but this area also provides easy access to some of Austin's best-loved natural attractions - Lady Bird Lake and Zilker Park. The area is filled with cool bars, great restaurants and lively nightlife. Rentals in this area will be more expensive due to the area's central location.