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Where to stay in Barbados

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Central Bus
The area of Weymouth and neighboring Henrys is right in the heart of Bridgetown, and offers central living in the heart of the city. This area features numerous bars, great transport connections to the rest of the island, restaurants, cultural attractions and access to the city's best beaches via a short bus or taxi ride. The area is bustling, as the islands main hub, and hosts the best amenities for visitors and residents. It can feel relatively touristic and prices can be slightly more expensive.
Away from center Bus
Located in the St. James parish northwest of Bridgetown, Holetown is considered one of the Platinum Coast's best areas to live in Barbados. The area stays true to its history with a number of museums and cultural attractions, but is also home to modern developments and has become a hotspot for fantastic bars, restaurants, nightlife venues as well as beach resorts. The local boardwalk provides for quite ocean walks and Holetown Beach has calm waters perfect for a relaxing splash. Along First and Second Streets, in central Holetown, expect a vibrant nightlife scene. The area has fantastic shopping areas for crafts and artisanal goods, and hosts an annual festival of parades and music in February.
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Speightstown is a town with a strong sense of community and history just 12 miles northwest of Bridgetown on the western coast of Barbados. It hosts one of the island's busiest ports and has a number of great amenities close by including supermarkets, restaurants, bars and easy access to the beach. The area has good transport links and is certainly one of the more affordable neighborhoods to live in on the "Platinum Coast" of Barbados. Typically, Speightstown is quieter than other popular neighborhoods, but has great recreational opportunities on Heywood's Beach, Speightstown Esplanade, its numerous galleries and street food spots.
Away from center Bus
Located in central Christ Church, Oistins is home to some of the liveliest areas of the island. Overall, Oistins is made up of a fishing village and an extensive tourist area with restaurants, rum shops, bars and shopping centers. Worthing Beach, Dover Beach and Miami Beach are all favorites in this area. On the western limit of the neighborhood, Worthing is a great neighborhood filled with amenities and great connections to the rest of the island. The St. Lawrence Gap is known as the island's nightlife district with eateries, clubs and restaurants dominating this very touristic area. To the east along the coast of Oistins lots of supermarkets, resorts and hotels can be found, with most affordable housing options just a little inland. The area is considered expensive but convenient and popular.
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This beautiful neighborhood is the perfect option for beach lovers looking for a more authentic experience without being in the heart of Bridgetown. Located just east of the center of town before Needham's Point, Bayville has direct access to Brownes, Pebbles and Bayshore beaches and is home to a number of great supermarket options as well as restaurants, bars and rum shops. It is perfectly located between the services of central Bridgetown and beaches and action of Needham's Point and St. Lawrence. The Bridgetown Esplanade begins here also, providing great access to views of the ocean and fantastic street food.
Needhams Point - Garrison
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This historical area of Barbados, just southeast of the center of Bridgetown is dominated by some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The area around Needham's Point and Garrison is filled with hotels, restaurants, diving schools, boutiques and bars. The area is also home to the Barbados National Museum and the Garrison Savannah, Barbados' famous racecourse. This area will certainly be more expensive and dominated by tourists, making it feel perhaps less authentic. Nonetheless, beautiful beaches and some of the island's best street food might make it all worth it!