Bogota Colombia ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ด
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Where to stay in Bogota

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Chapinero Norte
Close to center Bus
This part of Chapinero is more residential but still heavily commercial. Parque de los Hippies provides opportunities to buy some good street food, and the beautiful Lourdes Basilica is also a defining architectural feature of this neighborhood. This may not be the safest part Bogota but it certainly is a lively and affordable option.
La Macarena
Close to center Bus
La Macarena is growing in popularity among visitors and remote workers for its proximity to the center of the city and its position as a home for the arts, activism and architecture. This hilly neighborhood is almost at the foot of the mountains in the south-east of the city and is home to a the city's best Peruvian restaurants. Homes are older and feel more authentic making rents here slightly more affordable. Monserrate is only a few minutes away by car and supermarkets within walking distance.
Chapinero Centro
Close to center Bus
At the heart of Bogota's central Chapinero neighborhood, this area is renowned as the city's main gay district. It is defined by its vibrant lifestyle, great street art and numerous shops. Living in this area is an affordable option and convenient given the accessibility to shops, cafรฉs and transport to other parts of the city.
Zona T
Away from center Bus
Removed from the center of the city, this upscale area is home to the city's best restaurants, hotels and stores. At night, it might feel like you are in Miami, with bright lights and a bustling nightlife scene. This area is the most popular with foreigners but it also has some of Colombia's most expensive residential real estate. It is very well connected with the rest of the city via car and public transport, has large and accessible supermarkets and a number of fantastic coffeehouses. Expect noisy nights in this area!
La Candelaria
Central Bus
Bogota's historical center is defined by its traditional homes and narrow, cobblestoned streets. Here you can find some of the city's most authentic food and people. The area is largely touristic as it houses the city's best museums and landmarks. It is a vibrant area to live but it does not have many supermarkets. It is well connected to the rest of the city along its main avenues but not within the town itself. Beware walking around the neighborhood at night, as it can become quite deserted and dangerous.
Antiguo Country
Away from center Bus
The old "country club area" of Bogota, runs alongside the main Caracas Avenue and is home to the city's emblematic Virrey Park. This large green area is a great place for dogspotting, jogging, relaxing on a sunny day or joining any of the many gym classes that take place there. The area is home to the city's electronics district, and has a number of large shopping centers where you can find almost anything. Its proximity of the Zona T and El Chicรณ make this an expensive area to live, but its quiet streets and accessibility make it popular among expats and remote workers.
El Chico
Away from center Bus
Located around the main entertainment district, this exclusive area is home to some of the most expensive buildings in the city. The area is defined by its parks, quiet streets and easy access to the main shopping centers of the city. The area is home to a number of embassies, and you can find here some great spas and gyms.
Centro Internacional
Central Bus
Bogota's financial district feels modern and clean. It is nestled between the Historical Center and the leafier middle-class neighborhoods in the south-east of the city by the mountains. It has a number of fantastic restaurants, including the world-famous Leon and some of the best apartments with incredible views of the city. It has connections to the rest of the city and is considered safe within the area and to the east. At night, it is best to avoid southern and western areas alone.
Close to center Bus
This up-and-coming area has be likened to Williamsburg, NYC and has a growing expat and remote worker population. Quiet residential areas are joined by good restaurants and stores. The area is very well located within close to proximity to the city center and major stores and restaurants in the north. Rents will be more affordable here.
Chapinero Alto
Close to center Bus
This leafier neighborhood is located on the southern side of Chapinero, higher on the foot of Bogota's eastern mountains. The area is defined by its beautiful apartment buildings, small parks and restaurants nestled between large houses in a mountain setting. This is a more upscale area to live in this particular neighborhood, although it is still advisable to remain alert during the evenings.
Los Rosales
Central Bus
Bogota's most exclusive area to live. You might be able to find a room in a shared house here. This area is characterized by being the home to Bogota's ruling class, with huge houses and mansions lining the foot of the city's mountains in the south-east. This area is quiet but extremely close to the city center by foot and taxi. The neighborhood itself is strictly residential.