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Interesting communities in Playa del Carmen

Given the smallish size of this town, you'll quickly start running into the same people, especially if you go to one of the popular cafes such as Ah Cacao to get some work done. You'll also easily meet people by looking for events on any of the expat or digital nomad group pages or joining the very popular morning paddle boarding sessions mentioned below.
Expats Playa Del Carmen
A group to help you connect with other foreigners as well as locals.
Aloha Paddle Club
Friendly and socially-focused stand up paddle boarding sessions that take place every day.
Mexpats Club (Expats in Playa del Carmen)
Dedicated to helping foreigners adjust faster and easier by providing a connection to all kinds of services, products and groups in the city.
Expats & Locals in Playa del Carmen
For English speaking remote workers to share important news and information and to connect with each other.
Digital Nomads Playa Del Carmen Cancun Tulum
Where remote workers can talk about business, assist each other and meet up regularly to socialize.
Digital Nomads Tribe Playa del Carmen & Tulum
A friendly and organized group in which most of the members are using the coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen.
Friendly Expats in Playa Del Carmen
A good option for seeking information about Playa Del Carmen or looking for new friends to meet.
Expats in Playa del Carmen
Meet other expats and make new friends with this large Facebook community.
Expats Meetup Playa del Carmen
Focused on advice and meetups for expats living in Playa Del Carmen and temporary visitors as well.