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Where to stay in Budapest

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Castle District
Close to center Bus Metro Train Tram
The Castle District of Budapest is located on the Bida side of the city and is home to prominent historical and cultural attractions like Bida Castle, Fisherman's Bastion and Matthias Church. The area is bustling during the day with workers and tourists but during the evenings it becomes quiet and largely residential. Expect to find some good, upscale dining and coffee options in this area, and take time to relax among some of its green areas. This area will be expensive and, while it is filled with services, expect to have to travel into Pest for most things. The area is very well connected to the rest of the city and short walk across the river to District V.
Central Bus Metro Tram
This central part of Pest is right in the heart of the City's business and touristic center with most of the main attractions and services located in this area. The neighborhood is home to the Hungarian Parliament and St. Stephen's Basilica, with architecture in the art nouveau and neo-Gothic styles adding to the elegance and grandeur of the area. Recently, a hip and vibrant nightlife scene has emerged in Lipotvaros, and a number of high-end nightclubs and fine-dining restaurants can be found here. The area will be among the most expensive in Budapest and you should expect to be surrounded by tourists in this popular part of the city.
Central Bus Metro Tram
This part of the prominent District V is dominated by its sense of style, with the city's best fashion boutiques and designer stores in this area. Belvaros' architecture is mostly neo-classical and the area provides beautiful views of the Danube from its many cafés and high-end restaurants. The area does contain most of the remaining attractions and cultural institutions of the city but generally becomes quiet during the evenings. Nonetheless, the area is very well connected via public transport to the rest of the city and a short walk from the Palace District. Expect this area to be heavily touristic and expensive.
Close to center Bus Tram
This area of Pest has historically been the Jewish Quarter of the city and today is the main nightlife district in Budapest. Lots of hip restaurants, bars and nightlife venues can be found in this area, as well as some of the most delicious food truck and street food options. On the whole this area will be much cheaper and authentic than the 5th District but you should still expect a good number of tourists. The area is well connected to rest of the city and very central.
Close to center Bus Metro Train Tram
District XIII in Budapest is a favorite for families in Budapest, as it provides easy access to Margaret Island. This island is a beautiful park in Budapest, featuring a running track and lots of refreshing green space. The area is quiet and provides a good refuge from the crowded streets of the 5th district, meaning rents are also cheaper. There are a good number of restaurants, local cafes and jazz bars in this area. Modernist apartments line the streets of this neighborhood right on the embankment of the Danube, providing easy access also to cool museums and vintage playhouses.
Close to center Bus Metro Tram
This part of Buda is much quieter, tranquil and community-oriented than the rest of the city. This is the area for spacious accommodation at affordable prices. Millenaris Park, right in the heard of Orsgazut is a great place to relax close to the heard of the city. The area offers a good number of restaurants and cafes, particularly closer to the banks of the Danube. Expect rents in this area to to be cheaper since it is further away from central Pest, but still easily accessible by Metro and Tram.
Josefvaros and the Palace District
Close to center Bus Metro Tram
District VIII has an eclectic mix of styles and offerings. The Josefvaros area can feel gritty but the area has experienced renovations and gentrification to the point of becoming the hub for the city's emerging Avant-Garde café and restaurant scene. Josefvaros has an interesting collection of alternative art galleries, bars and nightlife venues which make the area particularly popular among young people and art aficionados. Toward the southern border of the neighborhood you'll find the Natural History and National Museums, both housed in beautiful 19th-century elegant buildings. Prices can vary greatly in this part of the city.
Close to center Bus Metro Tram
Home to Budapest's beautiful State Opera House, District VI hosts a number of hip bars and restaurants along the tree-lined Andrassy Avenue which features some of the city's best architecture. The area has a number of interesting museums, is well-connected tot he rest of the city and has a lively late-night scene with lots of bars and nightlife venue making the area popular with young people at nights. District VI is also home to beautiful squares such as Jokai and Liszt Ferenc, and the area also features an emerging theatre scene on Nagymező Utca just off Andrassy Avenue. Parts of this neighborhood away from Andrassy Avenue can be affordable and remain highly accessible to the heart of the city by foot and tram.