Buenos Aires Argentina ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท
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Where to stay in Buenos Aires

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Close to center Bus Metro
The home of Buenos Aires' Chinatown, Belgrano offers an array of housing options from upscale apartments to more affordable shared housing. Close to Chinatown, Barracas de Belgrano offers picnic and dog-walking spaces with milongas often forming at the center of this green city park. As a mostly residential area, Belgrano offers a leafy and upper-middle class environment filled with trendy cafรฉs to enjoy good coffee and plenty of stores and markets for good local fashion and all the basic amenities!
Villa Crespo
Close to center Bus Metro
Villa Crespo is certainly one of Buenos Aires' most up-and-coming neighbourhoods, filled with speakeasy-style bars and cozy cafes in a leafy and quiet setting not too far removed from the hustle of Palermo-Soho, Palermo-Hollywood and the Historical Center. It is a fantastic place to mix with regulars at tango venues and pool bars, and is home to a significant Jewish and middle-eastern community. Start-up coworking spaces give Remote Workers affordable access in Villa Crespo, and its deli shops and open-air restaurants make it a favorite among those looking for a fun and relaxed place to live.
Close to center Bus Metro
Chacarita is located just between Palermo-Hollywood and Villa Crespo and is famous for the Chacarita Cemetery, a sprawling graveyard. Just outside the tourist trail, Chacarita is tipped as an evolving neighborhood already home to trendy cafรฉs, restaurants and fresh produce markets but not yet discovered by the city's expats or many short-term visitors. Chacarita is certainly much more affordable than most of its neighboring barrios but do choose carefully as parts of this area (particularly further away from Colegiales by the train station) can be dangerous at night.
Central Bus Metro
As Buenos Aires' foremost neighborhood, Recoleta embodies the luxuries and comforts of the Argentine lifestyle. French architecture lines the streets of this part of town filled with the best fashion, restaurants and flamberias in the city. A short walk from the world-famous Recoleta Cemetery, you'll find yourself surrounded by the palaces of Avenida Alvear in Retiro until reaching the bustling Calle Florida where you can find almost anything in its large shopping centers. Housing is on the more expensive side in Recoleta and Retiro, but a plethora of coworking spaces and housing dedicated to short-term visitors and remote workers makes this neighborhood very attractive to any digital nomad able to afford it.
La Boca
Away from center Bus
This picturesque neighborhood embodies the strong working-class culture and history of Buenos Aires. Located by the old city port, La Boca erupts with excitement every time Boca Juniors plays at its home in nearby La Bombonera; and the towns' emblematic zinc shacks (conventillos) make this area Buenos Aires' most colourful. Today, many tourists gather during the day at its many steakhouses but the neighborhood becomes quiet during the evenings as visitors leave. Rents here will be cheaper, but Digital Nomads should be wary of petty crime in this part of town.
Close to center Bus Metro
Palermo-Hollywood is and feels somewhat more modern than its neighbouring Soho, and derives its name from its once-thriving film industry. It's a a leafy and quieter part of town that enjoys access to gyms, libraries and parks amidst modern bars and restaurants. It is, like Palermo-Soho, a much-sought after place to live and you are likely to bump into other foreigners while staying in this popular neighborhood.
Close to center Bus Metro
A fantastic neighbourhood for the Digital Nomad looking for a vibrant party scene and all the amenities of the city's primary entertainment district. The streets of Palermo-Soho are lines with the best craft breweries in town as well as graffiti and pegatinas depicting the cultura vibrancy of this cosmopolitan part of town. Offering everything from incredible international cuisine to traditional milongas and local fashion, Palermo-Soho can be on the higher end of the price scale but can provide a unique experience in the oldest but most bustling part of Buenos Aires.
Close to center Bus Metro
The Colegiales neighborhood has long been sought after as an upscale city enclave for hip Porteรฑo families but its proximity to Palermo-Hollywood has made it popular with students and young people who frequent its craft breweries and organic cafรฉs. Its leafy and quiet streets provide a refuge from the hustle of surrounding Palermo, but the local Mercado de Las Pulgas offers a fun weekend activity for locals and visitors at one of the city's famous and largest flea markets.
Alto Palermo
Central Bus Metro
Located close to the city center, Alto Palermo houses large malls and department stores. Avenida Santa Fe is always bustling with cafรฉs and restaurants and public transportation options are widely available. Close by are the city's major attractions, but also major banks and supermarkets. This is the least "touristy" Palermo.
Puerto Madero
Central Bus Metro
The newly-refurbished Puerto Madero area houses the city's largest corporations, and its skyscrapers line the banks of the Rio de La Plata. The sleek area is popular with wealthier argentines and foreigners looking for the comforts of downtown life in Buenos Aires. The city's best steakhouses, wine shops and tango dinners can be found on the banks of the river, making this area particularly popular among tourists. Housing in this part of town is easier to find for those staying short-term but certainly carries the highest prices in town. Puerto Madero has all the comforts for the more established Digital Nomad interested in enjoying a comfortable stay in a riverside property.
San Telmo
Close to center Bus Metro
This eccentric neighborhood is renowned in the city for hosting the famous San Telmo Market every Sunday, when the area is filled with antiques, clothes and decorations and turns into one of Latin America's largest flea markets. San Telmo is an incredibly diverse neighborhood, with architecture in the traditional French style of Buenos Aires and plenty of international cuisine options as well as trendy cafรฉs. On any weekday night you might stumble across a milonga at Plaza Dorrego and get the opportunity to learn some tango moves! Also close to the city center, San Telmo is a fantastic place to live like a true local and experience everything Buenos Aires has to offer.
Close to center Bus Metro
Perhaps Buenos Aires' most authentically Porteรฑo neighbourhood, Almagro offers a busy residential and commercial district in a solidly middle-class part of town. Flower shops and the famous Las Violetas coffeehouse are some of the main attractions of this bustling neighbourhood located close to the city center. Less frequented by tourists and visitors, rents here are likely to be more affordable. Its proximity to amenities and attractions in Palermo and Recoleta make this an attractive location for a Digital Nomad looking for a more authentic experience.