Buenos Aires Argentina ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท
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Interesting communities in Buenos Aires

While not home to the largest of remote worker communities, the city is large enough to ensure a good social life. Join the scattering of social events created for expats or, even better, take up tango dancing and you're bound to meet others. Nomads Giving Back is a good place to start as their meetups often draw a good size crowd.
Buenos Aires Cafรฉ
A space to meet online and in person and share a coffee while networking with locals and expats alike. This large MeetUp.com group offers invaluable opportunities for making new friends and getting to know the city.
Nomad Giving Back! - Buenos Aires Tribe
This group meets regularly to talk about issues facing the city and invites local leaders. A great place to get involved with local activism and make connections.
Project Yoga BA
One of Buenos Aires' most popular yoga schools, its classes are often filled with others visiting the city for a few months and with its super friendly atmosphere you're bound to make friends!
DNI Tango
Cozy tango school between Recoleta and Almagro in the heart of Buenos Aires is the perfect place for bilingual tango and meeting other medium-term visitors looking to perfect the local art.
Buenos Aires Futbol Amigos (BAFA)
International community of futbรณl (soccer) lovers meeting regularly for games. The community has its own Football Club, competing locally. A great place to meet other visitors and expats while having a kick.
InterNations - Buenos Aires
InterNations offers countless ways of connecting with expats and other visitors in Buenos Aires with a wide variety of weekly events and constant advice on things to see and do in the city. Requires a subscription and is good if you're looking to spend your time with other non-argentines.
Buenos Aires Expat Hub
Perhaps the most important resource for any visitor in Buenos Aires. Facebook's largest group dedicated to expats has all the information you need on almost any subject. The friendly expat community is ready to answer your questions so do not hesitate to ask if you need anything in specific!
Mate Club de Conversacion
A popular meetup.com group, the Mate Club de Conversacion brings individuals in Buenos Aires together over the regionally popular mate drink.