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Where to stay in Da Nang

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Ngu Hanh Son
Close to center Bus
The main district and area for expats and visitors, the southern part of this district is the main area for large vacation complexes and resorts, making it a tourist enclave. Beaches along this coastal district are beautiful and tranquil, and most wards cater almost exclusively to tourists and long-term visitors, meaning accessibility to most amenities is good and ample. Public transportation is best on the northern side of the district close to Hai Chau, where rental properties at reasonable prices are most likely to be available.
Son Tra
Close to center Bus
The Son Tra District is located on the eastern side of the river from Hai Chau, making it a beautiful coastal area. Recent years have seen a flurry of development in this district, inviting a young and hip crowd to new cafes and bars. The area has a long coast of beautiful, pristine beaches, mostly without waves. Housing here will be in villas and should be cheaper than in the main business district, although recent popularity has pushed prices upwards. Expect some tourists in this area, but a more authentic feel of the city and local culture. The An Hai Bac ward of this district, located just across the river from Hai Chau I is a popular and exclusive area filled with professionals.
Thanh Khe
Close to center Bus
This coastal district is well known for its amazing seafood, beautiful beaches and many seaside complexes. Like the other coastal districts, this area is busy and always bustling with street food and beach vibes. This area is cheaper than Son Tran and My An, however, and is a favorite among backpackers and budget travelers. This district follows all the way south of the city by the airport but it is best to consider staying in the northern wards by the beach.
Hai Chau
Central Bus
The main center of Da Nang and located conveniently between the river and the airport, Hai Chau is the Central Business District of the city. Here, you will find a great number of cafés, stores, food options and amenities. Housing is mostly in apartments and expect busy streets with local businesses and tourists always in this area. Supermarkets and transportation are both easily accessible. Rents here will be more expensive than in most other areas. Recommended areas are Hai Chau I and Hai Chau II.
Cam Le
Close to center Bus
For those wishing to escape the tourist bustle of My An, Son Tra and Hai Chau, Cam Le offers an up-and-coming alternative. Recently tipped as the most recommended place to live long-term in De Nang, the area offers good cafes and some good restaurants. It is located between the waters of the Han River and offers easy access to the rest of the city. Supermarkets can also be easily found in this neighborhood. Since the neighborhood is not located by the sea, rents here will be cheaper at one of the many new luxury complexes popping up in this district.
My An
Close to center Bus
This small ward represent the most popular area to stay and live for expats and remote workers in De Nang. Also known as An Thuong Town, this part of town is filled with bars and cafés perfect for working close to the beach. The area has a great number of stores and street food stalls, and includes the famous My Khe beach. It is regularly busy with tourists and apartments in this area will be more expensive, reflecting the popularity of the area.