Lviv Ukraine ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ
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With rave reviews from remote workers who do spend time in Lviv, this small western Ukrainian city has everything one might need. Starting with the gorgeous historic center (a UNESSCO site) and grand architecture that will quickly impress, you'll also have a plethora of quaint cafes to work from, a low cost of living, strong wifi and plenty of nature to enjoy on the outskirts of town. It's a lively place, too, with all the nightlife you could want and endless festivals and events taking place throughout the city.

Monthly cost of living for remote workers

A remote worker can expect to spend an average of 27279 1000 842 ${ selected_currency } per month in Lviv, with an average rent of 11843 434 365 ${ selected_currency }.
1 bedroom apartment / modern / central / short term
${ selected_currency } 11843 434 365
Basic groceries
${ selected_currency } 2701 99 83
Dining out
12 dinners and 8 lunches
${ selected_currency } 4460 163 138
20 coffees / teas
${ selected_currency } 607 22 19
Coworking space
1 month membership / hot desk
${ selected_currency } 2346 86 72
Mobile internet
Prepaid SIM / 5 GB data / fast
${ selected_currency } 117 4 4
Public transportation
20 roundtrip journeys
${ selected_currency } 147 5 5
5 short trips
${ selected_currency } 353 13 11
Shared bicycles and scooters
10 trips
${ selected_currency } 475 17 15
Sport and cultural events
1 event
${ selected_currency } 370 14 11
Museums and sights
3 sights / entrance tickets
${ selected_currency } 252 9 8
5 nights out / 3 drinks per night
${ selected_currency } 1270 47 39
1 month membership
${ selected_currency } 645 24 20
10 classes
${ selected_currency } 900 33 28
1 massage
${ selected_currency } 793 29 24
${ selected_currency } 27279 1000 842
Latest tips
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Take a taxi or public bus to the foothill of the High Castle, and then walk to the very top. It will be great exercise and a really nice sightseeing experience that not enough people take the time to do.
By Anika L. Places to visit
You can walk around the city quite easily, but if you decide to use other transportation keep in mind these two tips: Have money ready when you get on the bus. You need to purchase a ticket and validate the ticket after boarding the bus. There are little machines on the bus which you use to manually punch your ticket. A ticket inspector may board the bus at any point on the route and ask to check your ticket. And if you decide to take a taxi, negotiate the price beforehand. You can also just rent a bike as it's probably the 2nd best option after walking.
By Brendan F. Transportation
On Sunday, you can play chess with elderly people who normally gather in front of the Opera House. It's super fun and relaxed experience.
By Brendan F. Places to visit
The best coworking spaces in Lviv, in my experience, are BetaPlace, iHUB Lviv, Godocoworking, CoMMuna and Kontora.
By Damian R. Workspaces
Lviv is a safe city.ย The city is extremely tourist-friendly and you would have no trouble at all walking around the Old City at night.
By Jolie J. Safety
Average weather in Lviv
Most common months to visit: May - September
What to know
Main airport
Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (LWO)
Tap water
Not drinkable
10% in restaurants, not expected elsewhere
Taxi apps
Uber, Uklon