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Where to stay in Mexico City

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
La Condesa
Central Bus Metro
Home to artists, hipsters and professionals alike, all sharing one of the most elegant, chic and vibrant neighborhoods in the city. With its Art Deco architecture, wide avenues, trendy cafes, local and international cuisine, nightlife and the beautiful Parque Espana, La Condesa is the heart of Mexico City's cosmpolitan pulse.
Close to center Bus Metro
Upscale all the way, with modern buildings mixed in with luxury apartments, colonial-style mansions and foreign embassies, as well as all the familiar international shops and restaurants.
Santa Fe
Away from center Bus
The most modern area of the city, Santa Fe is busy during the day's business hours and relatively quiet at night. With multinational companies, skyscrapers, international restaurants and shopping malls, it offers a comfortable living experience while not being too far from the rest of the city.
Central Bus Metro
Once home to a more-established, elite crowd, this ever-changing area now attracts a younger population, from professionals to punks, who all mix in with tourists, beggars and businesspeople. It's also home to the most gay-friendly section of the city, the Zona Rosa, as well as a vibrant Korean community and a trendy array of cafes and restaurants.
Central Bus Metro
With its alternative vibe and all the cafes, boutiques, eateries and street art one could possibly need, Roma is charming, comfortable and an easy place to live. It's location close to the historic center makes it convenient for exploring the rest of the city.
San Rafael
Central Bus Metro
With its theaters, art galleries, stunning architecture and traditional cuisine, this eclectic residential neighborhood is an ideal place to live away from the hustle of busier neighborhoods in the center. Rent is cheaper here, while still offering an attractive combination of easy living, local culture and modern conveniences.
Away from center Bus Metro Train
Seven miles away from the historic center, this large residential area offers a peaceful bohemian experience and is most known for the Museo de Frida Kahlo. With access to the attractive Jardin Centenario park, sidewalk cafes, art galleries and large public squares, much of its original village-style layout and flavor remains.
Centro Historico
Central Bus Metro
From Aztec landmarks and stunning cathedrals to the massive main square (Zocalo) and the famous Palacio de Belles Artes, this is the main zone for tourists. It's where souvenirs and familiar restaurants are intertwined with taco stands and markets and where the streets are always filled with the bustling activity of both foreigners and locals.
Central Bus
Situated right next to Mexico City's largest park, and with the grand Paseo de la Reforma on its southern edge, this diverse area offers skyscrapers, busy streets, embassies, street vendors and a plethora of food options, including local stalls, modern cafes and fancy restaurants. It's also less than 30 minutes by foot from the hip, and more expensive, neighborhoods of La Condesa and Roma.