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Interesting communities in Mexico City

Without an extremely centralized remote worker community, your best bet of meeting people is to attend some of the expat or language exchange meetups. Depending on where you live, seek out the most laptop-friendly cafes and you're also likely to find other remote workers inside, especially in the hipper neighborhoods such as La Condesa and Roma.
Mexico City Digital Nomads
This is for digital nomads, location independents, freelancers and entrepreneurs as well as aspiring digital nomads who are planning to spend some time in Mexico City.
The Remote Nomads
Where remote workers and digital nomads talk about traveling and freelancing and meet like-minded people.
Mexico City Spanglish Exchange
Events almost daily for practicing language through various interests, such as board games, discussion nights, museum outings, karaoke and more.
Foreigners in Mexico City
This group is for connecting with other foreigners and locals as well who live in Mexico City. Help each other, invite people to events, promote job offers, propose services and make friends.
Se Habla Inglés y Español Ciudad de México
This is a huge group with over 8000 members. It is a language exchange hosting regular events across the city.
Mexico City Spanish and English Language Meetup
The place to be if you are interested in learning and practicing Spanish or English in a casual and friendly environment while making new friends, sharing your travel experiences and learning about other cultures. All levels welcome.