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Where to stay in Tbilisi

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Close to center Bus Metro
At the foot of the beautiful Mtatsminda mountain, this neighborhood is the oldest part of the city. Local stores, good restaurants and cool cafés define this area, as well as its cable car route to the amusement part at the top of the mountain. Prices reflect its proximity to the city center and larger supermarkets are more difficult to find, although the area is well connected by bus and metro to the rest of the city.
Away from center Bus
This upscale neighborhood located north-west of the city center is the city's trendiest area, with a large variety of hip restaurants, cafés and bars. It is popular with students and is off the path of tourists, given there are no major cultural sites in the neighborhood. Neither of the two metro lines connect here, but the city center can be easily reached by bus or by foot.
Away from center Bus Metro
Like Vake, this neighborhood is somewhat removed from the main cultural sites but is very well connected by metro and bus to the center of the city. Plenty of groceries, pharmacies, restaurants, coffeeshops and other shops can be found in this largely residential neighborhood where rents can be more affordable.
Central Bus Metro Train
The Historical Center of Tbilisi is home to some of Europe's most fascinating architecture and history. The area is always bustling with locals and tourists and a short ride by cable-car to the top of the adjacent hills will give you a priceless view of this unique city. You can find most services for a short-term stay here, but be mindful of tourist traps. Supermarkets are hardest to find in this particular part of Tbilisi but its very well connected with the main shopping district in Vake. Prices will reflect that this is the tourist heart of the city.
Close to center Bus
This wonderful neighborhood is characterized by its incredible architectural heritage, heavily influenced by middle-eastern trends from the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Lots of great bars, coffeeshops and restaurants can be found here, together with notable galleries and museums. The area is more expensive due to its proximity to the city center and its popularity among tourists.
Close to center Bus Metro
This neighborhood houses some of Tbilisi's foremost architectural gems - the Armenian Theater, the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Metekhi Church. Rike Park offers lots of cultural activities and concerts throughout the year, and the famous Wine Rise will let you go on an authentic Georgian wine tasting. The area is located centrally and prices reflect this. Supermarkets are difficult to find, but the area is well connected through public transport.
Away from center Bus Metro
This newly renovated area of Tbilisi housed some architectural gems in the German styles and numerous bars, restaurants and shops. It is not close to the city center but well served by bus and metro connections. No large supermarkets will be found in this part of town, but smaller convenience stores might make for a more authentic experience.
Away from center Bus
This residential neighborhood is located in the hills of the city, providing a for a more natural alternative in Tbilisi. The area is well served by bus links and grocery shops as well as some restaurants and coffeeshops. It is not close in distance to the center of the city, offering a more authentic experience of Tbilisi.