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The capital of Thailand, this sprawling metropolis consists of shining Buddhist temples, intense culture, endless street vendors and markets, lush parks and opportunities to enjoy inexpensive, excellent Thai food everywhere you look. Mix in some mind-boggling traffic, a modern business district, hip cafes, peaceful canals and nightlife that never seems to end and the result is a city whose complexity and energy has attracted remote workers for years. You can find it all in Bangkok and you're never far away from other great destinations in Thailand and Southeast Asia as well.

Monthly cost of living for remote workers

A remote worker can expect to spend an average of 55684 1785 1490 ${ selected_currency } per month in Bangkok, with an average rent of 22000 705 589 ${ selected_currency }.
1 bedroom apartment / modern / central / short term
${ selected_currency } 22000 705 589
Basic groceries
${ selected_currency } 6832 219 183
Dining out
12 dinners and 8 lunches
${ selected_currency } 6000 192 161
20 coffees / teas
${ selected_currency } 1600 51 43
Coworking space
1 month membership / hot desk
${ selected_currency } 4548 146 122
Mobile internet
Prepaid SIM / 5 GB data / fast
${ selected_currency } 824 26 22
Public transportation
20 roundtrip journeys
${ selected_currency } 1132 36 30
5 short trips
${ selected_currency } 665 21 18
Shared bicycles and scooters
10 trips
${ selected_currency } 600 19 16
Sport and cultural events
1 event
${ selected_currency } 1650 53 44
Museums and sights
3 sights / entrance tickets
${ selected_currency } 750 24 20
5 nights out / 3 drinks per night
${ selected_currency } 1800 58 48
1 month membership
${ selected_currency } 3417 110 91
10 classes
${ selected_currency } 3491 112 93
1 massage
${ selected_currency } 375 12 10
${ selected_currency } 55684 1785 1490
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It's on the small side but they have both indoor and outdoor seating along with plenty of plug outlets and some of the best coffee in the city!
By Trey P. for Artis Coffee cafe. Workspaces
A cafe that is pretty much designed for coworking with solid internet, a lot of plug outlets and a quiet atmosphere. The food is only okay but the coffee is good so it works for me!
By Trey P. for Storyline Cafe cafe. Workspaces
Large coworking space with a pretty good set up and all the amenities you would need. Could be a little friendlier and if you're only there for 1 day, you don't get a real desk to sit at.
By Ashwin N. for Launchpad Co. coworking space. Workspaces
Great, friendly cafe with plenty of people working on their laptops here. Good wifi, excellent coffee and just a very nice overall vibe. One of my favorite places to work in the city.
By Hanne C. for Luka Bangkok cafe. Workspaces
Most foreigners in Bangkok love the food. One of the best ways to meet other remote workers is to post in one of the FB groups that you want to try out a local restaurant you heard about and see who wants to join you. You'll almost always find people who want to join!
By Marcel C. Community
Average weather in Bangkok
Most common months to visit: January - March, November, December
What to know
Main airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
Tap water
Not drinkable
10% for restaurants, bars and services
Taxi apps