Medellin Colombia ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ด
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Where to stay in Medellin

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Close to center Bus Metro
Located opposite El Poblado across the river and just south of the Laureles-Estadio District, Bรฉlen is an increasingly popular option among foreigners in Medellรญn. The neighborhood is solidly middle-class and is popular particularly among young professionals. It is well connected to the rest of the city via public transport and has some safe areas. The area is definitely more walkable than El Poblado (less hills) and enjoys a good number of restaurants, shopping centers and stores. Best neighborhoods here are Loma de los Bernal and Los Alpes.
Away from center Bus Metro
A great alternative for those looking for a more affordable and less touristic experience in Medellin, Sabaneta is located to the south of Envigado but remains very accessible to central Medellin by metro. It is a small district, but Parque Sabaneta offers all sorts of amenities including restaurants, bars and cafes. The area is very much up-and-coming and the city expands from the main Medellin area. This district certainly feels more authentic, and the increasing number of real estate developments in the town are making it a favorite among expats and long-term visitors, even as it remains a largely working-class community. Lagos de La Doctora, Santa Ana and the areas surrounding Parque Sabaneta are the best areas to live here.
Close to center Bus Metro
The Laureles-Estadio area is popular among those looking to stay longer than a few days in Medellin, making it popular among the city's Digital Nomad community and Expats. It is mainly a residential area with fewer high-rises than Poblado but certainly more upscale housing options than Envigado. Tree-lined streets define this relatively safe area of Medellin, also well located and accessible via public transport. It is a popular spot among sport fanatics, as the area comes to life whenever any of the local football teams play in the nearby stadium. Best neighborhoods in this area include Bolivariana, Laureles and Conquistadores.
Away from center Bus Metro
Technically a different municipality outside of Medellin, Envigado is another very popular neighbourhood among those looking to live in Medellin. Way more residential than Poblado, Envigado is more working-class and certainly provides a more authentic experience of the Antioqueรฑo lifestyle. Supermakets are easy to find in this area and the entire district is well connected to Medellin via Metro and to the main international Airport via bus and car. Rents here tend to be cheaper and good restaurants and cafรฉs can still be found. Best neighbourhoods in this district include El Dorado as the best place to live, San Marcos and La Magnolia to the north as the main entertainment district, and the center as the best place to shop and eat.
El Poblado
Central Bus Metro
Medellin's main entertainment district is also its most popular area for foreigners - visitors, expats and long-term stays alike. The area is centered around Parque Lleras and is always bustling with the city's most vibrant nightlife scene. Prices here are high, catering to foreign tastes and pockets. Given that it is a more upscale area it tends to be slightly safer than other parts of Medellin. It is well connected by public transport and taxis, and good supermarkets can be found in the area. The most popular and recommended areas in this district are La Florida and Patio Bonito, as these are areas less affected by tourist pollution but remain safe and good areas to live.