Porto Portugal 🇵🇹
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Where to stay in Porto

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Close to center Bus Metro
This is a quieter and more authentic neighborhood located just 15 minutes by foot from the city center. It offers a good locals-foreigners balance for those looking to experience local culture, and a growing number of wineries and craft breweries in the area. Lots of very useful local businesses catering to the local population are also very useful to remote workers and expats living in this area. Rents tend to be slightly more affordable since this is not part of the touristic zone of the city.
Close to center Bus Metro
The trendiest part of Porto by far, Cedofeita houses the art district of the city. The neighborhood has a number of great boutique stores, cafés, restaurants, galleries and museums. It is located far enough from Downtown and Ribeira to be quieter but can still be reached easily by foot. A great place to stay, rents can be slightly higher than average here.
Close to center Bus Metro Tram
A more authentic alternative to Downtown Porto and Ribeira will be Miragaia. Located close to the action, this neighborhood is characterized by beautiful colorful houses perched on hillsides. Restaurants and shops are readily available in this less touristic area of Porto.
Central Bus Metro Train Tram
The center of the city and the heart of Porto, Ribeira is characterized by its incredible palaces, beautifully picturesque houses and its setting by the river. It is a very touristic area and, although central, getting Downtown by foot requires climbing a steep hill. Rentals and food options are higher in this area.
Foz do Douro
Away from center Bus Metro Tram
Removed to the west of Ribeira, Foz do Douro has the city's best beaches and provides a welcome refuge from the eclecticism of the city center and Downtown. Larger houses dominate this area, which is up-and-coming and has a variety of prices. Great dining, coffee and bar options.
Central Bus Metro Train
Downtown Porto. A great place to stay as it close to all the necessary amenities including numerous restaurants, nightclubs, coffeehouses and coworking spaces. The area is hilly and touristic but affordable apartments can be found. Some smaller supermarkets can be found in the area, although beware of noisy nights. Baixa is extremely well connected by all public transport options, including the main train station for day trips outside the city. Baixa is a favorite among visitors to the city.
Close to center Bus Metro
The main business district of the city is Porto's most exclusive area to live. The area has great amenities and shops, and lacks the tourist bustle of Ribeira and Downtown. Living and shopping here can be more expensive but the area is considered safe and a fantastic place to live by locals. It is very close to the city center and very well located by metro and bus.
Away from center Bus Metro
This area, more removed from the center of all the action, is still just 5 minutes from the city center by Metro. The area is away form the touristic zones of the city, providing quiet and more laid-back days. It has a good number of parks and coffeehouses and restaurants tend to be considerably less pricey in Marques. Rents are likely to be more affordable, reflecting lack of local nightlife and relative distance from the city center.