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Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro

Making it easy to choose the neighborhood that suits your needs the most.
Close to center Bus Metro
Copacabana's equally famous neighbor along the Zona Sul coast is the hip Ipanema area. A strong surfer culture as well as numerous art galleries and street performers make Ipanema a fittingly trendy area for remote workers. Usually bustling with tourists, you'll be able to find all types of restaurants and shops in this area. The neighborhood is safe and easy to navigate with its grid system, and is also tipped as an inclusive zone for the LGBTQ+ community in the city.
Close to center Bus Metro
Centrally-located Botafogo provides and away-from-the-water alternative for remote workers looking for an authentic experience in Rio. Tipped as one of the city's hottest new places to live, Botafogo is characterized by its many cool bars and alternative nightclub venues. You can find great restaurants and shops in this area and you're never too far away from the water with the Praia do Botafogo offering unique views of Sugarloaf. Locals love this neighborhood for its easy access to the center, the airport and the many shops and stores available.
Away from center Bus
Also along the affluent Zona Sul, this quieter part of town surrounds the Rodrigo de Freitas lake and offers invaluable access to nature in the city. Rents are aligned with the high Zona Sul costs but wonderful sunsets and tree-lined streets might make this neighborhood worth it! Lagoa is close to Copacabana and Ipanema without being a tourist center and is easily accessible by bus and BRT.
Central Bus Metro
Rio's Historical Center contains a number of beautiful buildings and galleries detailing the city's eclectic history from the colony through Brazil's many military dictatorships. The neighborhood gives you an authentic feel for Rio and its culture. Although the Centro has a number of residential buildings, it is mostly a commercial and touristic area. It is not recommended as a location for expats and remote workers to settle as it can be unsafe during the nights.
Santa Teresa
Close to center Bus Metro Tram
Santa Teresa is Rio's bohemian village, acting as a buffer of tranquility between the bustling Zona Sul and the Historical Center of Rio. The city's best gallery's and street art can be found in this part of the city popular with younger remote workers. The area is filled with all types of stores and boutiques, as well as bars and restaurants. From Santa Teresa, you can take the historic Bonde (tram) through the Center of Rio to the East or North zones of the city, including the iconic Corcovado!
Close to center Bus Metro
Urca has become one of Rio's most exclusive neighborhoods as a result of its incredible location overlooking Guanabara Bay and surrounding the unmissable Sugarloaf Mountain. This affluent area is quieter and charaterized by small villas and low-rise buildings leading to Vermelha and Urca Beaches, popular with kayakers and younger locals. The neighborhood is close to Copacabana and the Center of Rio but removed enough to enjoy a quieter environment less polluted by tourists and congestion.
Away from center Bus Metro
Rio's most exclusive neighborhood, Leblon is situated beyond Ipanema and Copacabana along the Zona Sul coasts. Boasting the city's best boutiques, restaurants and bars, rents will be higher in this small neighborhood popular with higher-end tourists and expats. The beach at Leblon is popular with a younger crowd looking for refuge from the hustling Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, and the area also counts with a vibrant theatre scene.
Close to center Bus Metro
World-famous for its incredible beaches and lively, luxurious appeal, Copacabana is among the most sought-after locations by expats and remote workers in Rio's affluent Zona Sul. You'll be able to find all sorts of bars, restaurants and stores in this heavily touristic part of town, and you may have the opportunity to step out from your apartment onto some of the world's most famous beaches.
Close to center Bus
Closest to the Center of Rio, Lapa is the uncontested nightlife capital of Brazil. The city's best nightclubs and bars line the streets of this unassuming neighborhood, together with street samba parties and plenty of street foods. Rents in this area may be cheaper due to its proximity to the center of Rio but the area can be extremely busy and loud during the evenings and on weekday nights can be deserted and dangerous. Visitors and expats in Rio often mention Lapa as the highlight of their trip to the city!
Barra da Tijuca
Away from center Bus Metro
This increasingly popular suburb of Rio is located beyond Leblon and the National Park of Tijuca and is dominated by the popular Barra Beach which is lined with upscale high-rises. The suburban location of Barra da Tijuca gives expats and remote workers the opportunity to live in larger homes with pools and more complete amenities, closer to giant malls and cinemas. Although the area is home to a number of multinational companies. it is not so well-served by public transportation, making it a less desirable location among remote workers and short-term visitors as a place to live.