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Interesting communities in Rio de Janeiro

Socializing and Rio de Janeiro go hand in hand. Joining a couple of activities organized by any of the expat or digital nomad groups will put you directly in touch with others looking to take advantage of what this city has to offer.
Voluntariado no Rio
A big group meeting regularly in Rio to discuss volunteering opportunities and fundraising for causes across the city.
Novas Amizades
Another big and popular group in Rio, this space dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community regularly plans trips, meetups and activities in the city.
Foreigners in Rio de Janeiro
Large online community for all types of non-Brazilians in Rio. Perfect for local tips as well as housing and volunteering opportunities.
Casa Brota
This co-working space located in one of Rio's largest favelas is more of a community of entrepreneurs and community leaders who meet in this iconic space to share ideas.
American Society of Rio de Janeiro
This society assists citizens of the United States with information and resources upon their arrival in Rio and helps them get acquainted with their surroundings.
Internations Rio de Janeiro
Invaluable resource connecting foreigners of all nationalities across Rio for all sorts of activities and meetups in the city.
Digital Nomads - Rio de Janeiro
Growing Facebook community of Remote Workers in Rio de Janeiro. Great place to meet others and seek advice.